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Pakistan - Bush's Greatest Fear

Washington, DC Nov. 1st, 2007 ---- The unpopular Pakistani Dictator Pervez Musharref is the bogey man that haunts George Bush and his vision-thing in the Middle East. If the little Hitler goes too far and is ousted in a Anti American Islamic Revolution then wave goodbye to the good times in Afghanistan and the brake holding off the attack on Iran.

Bush will have no option but to create an expensive Berlin style air corridor to supply, and evacuate NATO forces in Afghanistan for without the cooperation of Pakistan there is no easy way to supply the occupation forces. Already the NATO forces are losing the overall war, as Taliban and Pakistani Islamic allies make silent inroads into communities across Afghanistan, leaving the Puppet President Hamid Karzai isolated in his fashion conscious oasis.

Iran now holds all the trump cards in the Game of Diplomacy, for Bush has blustered and bumbled himself into position where the only option to stop the emergence of an Islamic Powerhouse is to attack from the air and sea, and hope the ensuing land retaliation can be contained to an acceptable level of damage, economic and military. The potential of a nuclear armed Islamic Theocracy in power in Islamabad is too horrible for the military planners in the Pentagon to accept.

Bush may stall with ordering an attack on the nuclear sites across Iran, but unless Musharref can hang on to power, and that looks more doubtful as the arrests, and beatings continue, then someone more trusted by the United States will be planted in power, and Musharref will be taken down, one way or another. The sheer cost of the risks associated with a scenario of a nuclear armed Iran, allying with a fundamentally Islamic Pakistan makes assassination a real possibility.

The ill informed Bush Administration have squandered hundreds of millions of dollars in aid as reimbursement for fictitious operations in the "War on Terror". Those who looked closely would have noticed that Musharref funneled the majority of this money to boost his capability in a war with India. There are those who firmly believe that Musharref and his cronies have in fact helped both the Taliban, and Al Qaeda escape US led forces, and protected them until they can return to attack the NATO forces replacing the retreating US forces.

This also makes Bush have to make a difficult decision sooner than later, and he cannot play "Scorched Earth" politics by attacking Iran just before the end of his miserable Administration and leave the mess to a Democratic President. He no longer has the luxury of waiting that long before making the grand decision to attack Iran, and contain Pakistan. He must surely realize that his delusionary Cheney-inspired plan to attack Saddam Hussein has now resulted in a conflict of growing proportions that will include Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, with an unknown number of nuclear weapons and missiles than can be moved from Pakistan to Iran and fired against Israel.

The decision to hold or fold in this game is now in the hands of Pervez Musharref and not as they should be with the President of the United States. Bush can Veto healthcare for needy children, but he can't dictate global policy anymore.

Were I in charge at the Pentagon I would be moving the missile firing submarines into place, the carrier groups into wind, and turning the lights on at the Draft Board offices ready for the calling up of hundreds of thousands to repel the millions of pissed-off Iranians and Pakistanis seeking retribution against the mighty Satan. The alternative is too deadly to contemplate.


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