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Karen Hughes - Square Peg in a Round Hole

Washington, DC Oct. 31st, 2007 ---- Long expected, the announcement was finally made today that Karen Hughes, the Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy realized she was spinning her wheels and having absolutely no effect on the image of America, and announced she was quitting in December.

Karen Hughes was part of the problem in the first term, and I have to say a very effective part, whose skills at keeping the Administration "On Message" and never thinking that the things they were saying were lies, and fabrications. She is a powerful communications ramrod, but to cast her as having anything to do with diplomacy is about as believable as a convicted Mass Murderer being appointed Sunday School Teacher. Sadly everyone in the world outside of Washington, DC regognized this and thought the same.

Millions of taxpayer dollars have been pumped into wasted initiatives to paper over the chasms created by the Bush/Cheney lying machine. Slick web sites and retiring Ice Skaters do not neutralize Blackwater mercenaries gunning down Iraqi civilians, then being granted immunity by Hughes's own Department. By any stretch of the imagination she is guilty by association with the Cowboys.

The hair brained idea to appoint a sweet Ice Dancer to be an Cultural Ambassador is the classic lack of common sense from the two Bimbo's at State. Ms Hughes, and Ms Rice need some training in real world diplomacy themselves. How many Arabs, Muslims and the billions living in the barren sweltering towns across the Middle East and Asia are familiar with Ice Skating and Dancing. Very nice for genteel privileged Americans, but Ice Rinks aren't that common in the blistering heat, and those short skirts make the Ayatollahs go Ape.

The photo ops from both Ms Rice and Ms Hughes slap in the face of Islamic niceties, and their clothes smack of "Screw you we will wear what we want"! Ms. Rice has a toothy arrogance that rattles diplomats in the Middle East. State Department employees complain that Ms. Hughes sweeps in to Embassies like a visiting celebrity and demands people pander to her wishes. Hardly the best team to try and mend fences.

Karen Hughes will find a well paid position in a right wing corporation, or other NeoCon organization, to pay her back for being part of the team that got Bush into the White House. I can't say I am sorry to see her go from State, but she had the courage to admit she hasn't made much difference to the lousy image, a result of her work in the first years of Bush/Cheney.




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