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The Political Game Show

Washington, DC Oct. 30th, 2007 ---- One after the other the presidential hopefuls perform for the media in what could be one of the longest running new game shows on television this year, the political debates.

On a beautifully crafted colorful set the candidates answer the questions like any other game show competitor, unfortunately there is no "Daily Double" to allow the lagging candidates to gamble their winnings to jump into the lead. If the media networks could convince them to go along with highly risky gamble on their answer to a question, then millions more would watch. Like everything in Network television the aim is to reduce everything to the lowest common denominator. Presidential politics would become targeted at Joe Six pack, belching his Bud Light, and devouring buckets of Popcorn.

Go Giuli, Go Giuli, Kick Butt!

The questions posed are designed to gather together simple Sound Bites that play well on the evening news programs, and the camera angles look for that seething glare when one candidate rips into another. When John Edwards attacks Hilary Clinton the camera is positioned to see her stern face and her icy look. Like a boxing match the commentators will report that "She didn't flinch at the scathing attack" as if some Heavyweight Boxer had pummeled her in a championship fight.

But it's the only way to keep voters interested in the marathon election campaign, which is now in it's second season on Prime Time. Often it sounds like a British Pantomime, and could benefit from:

"When I am elected I will pull out all the troops from Iraq within 6 months" .

"Oh No You Won't", shouts the audience.

"Oh Yes I will", retorts the actor on the stage.

The problem is that the hundreds of thousands of dead bodies, millions of homeless, and entire towns destroyed were written out of the script so as not to offend the audience.

We forget in the theatrical posturing that these players will be four years closer to a Thermo Nuclear War, with hundreds of millions dead around the world. If the audience had any understanding of world history, instead of how many yards it took to get the last touchdown, they could recall that a lowly driver took the wrong turn once, a chance opportunity occurred to shoot at The Arch Duke Ferdinand, and millions died a horrible death in the First World War.

George Bush, whose grasp of history is how long the Burgers have been on the Grill, is about to set the stage for potentially a Nuclear confrontation between irrational religious extremists, Iran, Israel, Pakistan and the rabid right wing of American politics. Arguably these actors playing their parts on the Election Debating Road Show will either have to defuse the confrontation left by Bush/Cheney, or commit millions of Americans to death and injury, to fight an Tsunami of Islamic anger.

Of course Rudy will Nuke everyone, invade everyone, and cut taxes at the same time. He will not need to bring in The Draft for all good Neo Nazis will volunteer to follow him. Just like Cheney volunteered to fight in Vietnam!

Hilary if asked will skillfully avoid answering the question, and tell the host "That is a good question" as like a Monty Python sketch, she moves on to something completely different.

There will be claims from the lagging candidates that they thought of this years ago and were the first to bring it to the notice of the public. Their opponents will be shown shaking their heads and mocking the speaker.

In a historical sense the mighty powerful United States is like an aircraft that has soared skyward at a terrific sped, and is now on the point of stalling. Will the next pilot be able to carefully recover and continue the flight, or will they make the wrong moves that result in the stall and downward spiral to the ground. This is how serious the choice for the next President is for the United States and the world. It isn't about how they voted years ago, or what was said in an interview twenty years before, but what if...... in the months ahead.

The media will never ask those questions because the answer will not please Israel.



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