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Pharma Conference Scams

Washington, DC Sept. 25th., 2007 ---- The main entertainment in New Jersey these days seems to be the endless parade of the Blind leading the Blind, in Competitive Intelligence and Pharmaceutical Conferences. You know the ones, the same people talking to the same people without giving away any information to their competitors, the audience. It's a great excuse to spend a couple of days relaxing in an all expenses paid environment.

The future of the Pharmaceutical Meeting Planners for instance is in the hands of the political masters in Washington DC and nobody from the Political Intelligence field speaks at any of these conferences, less they bring reality to the giggling girls on the podium, for most speakers are young ladies seeking to impress their peers, and looking for their next gig with the competition.

The Competitive Intelligence conferences are the same, for the speakers would not dare give out useful information, less their competitors in the audience pick up that inside tip and develop competitive advantage. I have sat at the back of many of these conferences, and attendees would have learned more from an hour Googling the obvious. Again it's the same people, with the impressive titles promoting their career for free. For most corporate speakers do perform for free to ensure their company is seen as doing their bit for the profession.

The organizers like to splash the attendees and their company names across the Internet, as if the name dropping attributes some cosmic power of credibility to the conference. The same companies appear in the lists of failures, litigations, investigations and fines for malpractice, fraud, wrongful advertising and defective manufacturing, so name dropping shouldn't influence the decision to attend. If the speaker comes from the same company that is sponsoring the segment, they you are the gullible sucker who is paying to listen to a sales pitch.

I wonder what the audience reaction would be if there was an honest and fully informed speaker on China, or India. Would that burst the pink bubbles of many attending. We live in a global marketplace and most speakers barely have State wide knowledge.

The next three years promise to be the most uncomfortable for the Pharmaceutical industry, as their huge profits will be targeted by politicians, especially their excessive marketing and promotional costs. These factors should be fundamental in determining the conference content in late 2007. It isn't business as usual any more, and the usual suspects should be listening, not showing their prowess in front of their peers.

Come to think of it in the area of Pharmaceutical Meeting Planners Big Pharma tells Congress they have an arms length relationship with prescribing Doctors, so how can all these speakers be meeting planners? Where are the third party companies that actually carry out the meeting planning? Shouldn't they, who actually do the meetings be speaking, and not the corporate types?

No wonder one aide to a key political contender for high office told me that when it's time to attack Big Pharma, it will be like "Shooting overfed bloated fish in a Barrel". Maybe the conference organizers should look to some new input to point to where those barrels may be, instead of just asking the fish where they like to swim.


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