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Failed Diplomacy & Protocol

Washington, DC Sept. 24th, 2007 ---- The introduction by Lee Bollinger, President of Columbia University of The President of Iran shows a total lack of basic education in fundamental politeness, breeding and diplomacy. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may be an absolutely disgusting anti-American blowhard, but regardless of personal objections he should be given the introduction worthy of a Head of State. Any other introduction putting it mildly is totally ignorant.

The foolish Bollinger should consider his outrage if Bush was treated in a similar way by a College in a foreign country and the excesses of US policy and support for violations of international law and conventions used to embarrass him. Bush is guilty of these charges in the eyes of billions of people around the world, as Ahmadinejad is guilty of charges by millions here. It's all a case of "One man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter." Which group Ahmadinejad belongs to is a matter for the audience, and not for Bollinger to preach from the podium about an invited guest. Of course Bush would never dare to speak to anything other than a carefully screened and invited audience. Sad but true.

The total lack of even the basic diplomacy skills is endemic in American society these days, and is totally counter productive. Bollinger should have known better and should have set both an example, and the standard of diplomacy required for effective debate in a Western Democracy. No doubt he was strong armed by the Bush White House and the Jewish lobby. Both want the war to continue and many more young Americans to die in the ideological quagmire.

Ahmadinejad will make himself look stupid in the eyes of the audience on his own, without someone who is supposed to understand protocol and debate in a democratic society, thousands of miles away from the oppressive regimes such as Iran. A sad day squandered for cheap political sound bites!


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