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Can Fred Thompson win?

by Alan J Simpson

Washington, DC Sept. 11th, 2007 -- The politicians try and squeeze the most air time out of the tragedy of 9/11 without mentioning their negligence that contributed in a large part to the success of the terrorist attack. That applies especially to Rudi Giuliani, who grabbed the headlines with a photo op, but managed to sanitize the record with his shortcomings, especially regarding the lack of communications for the police and firefighters delayed under his watch.

The dirty washing has yet to be hung on the political washing lines and when it does there will be two major casualties, Hilary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani.

The Democrats firmly believe the White House is theirs already and all they have to do is continue the Clinton legacy and put Hilary on the ballot. The alternative is Barack Obama who may fall this time, but may win in 2012. Sadly there is significant resistance against him for the wrong reasons.

Fred Thompson angers the Republican Candidates by not posing for silly meaningless debates, instead choosing to address a huge national audience in their living rooms. Giuliani lashes out by saying Thompson gained popularity playing him on TV, which gives a free commercial for Thompson and retires Giuliani to a historical figure. Thompson looks the part of a President, can play the part of a President and the millions who watch the incessant offerings of Law and Order reruns see him as a wise leader. Giuliani they see with a mask on his face running away from collapsing buildings. Consider Iraq will probably be in absolute disarray by the November elections and a wise fictional figure will resonate with the fickle voters than a Mayor getting the hell away from a successful terrorist attack. Given the choice American voters will opt for the Hollywood Hero. Ask the millions who idolize President Reagan.

I believe Hilary Clinton can achieve over 50% of the Democratic vote to win the nomination, backed by the Clinton political power juggernaut. Sadly Barack Obama will be let down by the black voters who would benefit most by his nomination, and election. The black community leaders such as Jackson and Sharpton do not want to see a successful black in the White House, for it blows their preaching of hatred and white supremacy to pieces.

The Bush/Cheney group will leave the Middle East in a worse mess than we know today for their successors, which despite the Conspiracy Theorists will happen. The country will probably have to choose between four candidates, Clinton, Obama, Giuliani and Thompson.

  • Hilary Clinton has obvious baggage and is unelectable.
  • Barack Obama is new, fresh and will be sabotaged by the vested interests.
  • Rudy Giuliani has overlooked baggage, and a wife.
  • Fred Thompson has a well known TV persona and has Senate experience.

The question that will be on everyone's mind will be "Following the Democrats failure to stop the war, and the negative publicity about the candidates should we aim to elect a Democratic Congress and a Republican President who is strong on law and order." The subconscious drift is obvious!

An actor saved us from the embarrassing days of Carter and brought the hostages home. Maybe an actor will end the war in Iraq and bring the soldiers back home.

That of course in dependent on Cheney not convincing Bush to bomb Iran and cripple the world economy with the Oil blockade that will follow. Then the candidate with best plan for setting up Soup Kitchens for the millions plunged into poverty and starvation will be the one elected.

Not to worry the TV News Channels will ignore this subject as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Anna Nicole Smith will dominate the news broadcasts. Maybe Fred Thompson is the better candidate, for when he speaks the viewers will switch channels to watch him. Then to increase ratings the news pimps will include his concerns as their lead story.


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