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Creating The Center for Corporate Diplomacy

by Alan J Simpson

Washington, DC Sept. 1st, 2007 -- The Summer months has seen us further developing the structure and plans for The Center for Corporate Diplomacy, or as it is known in Europe The Centre for Corporate Diplomacy. This training, consulting and briefing franchise targets the growing ranks of expatriate sales and support personnel, as well as corporate executives who manage global trade.

The Center for Corporate Diplomacy provides the essential skills, background knowledge and introduces global executives to the exclusive club they seek to join, and the power of Corporate Diplomacy in both trade and national industry building. They learn how to create the best trading environment, and negotiate the best trading advantage. The aim is to create Competitive Advantage, that quality that makes one product a blockbuster, and another with similar features a complete failure. Being a member of the right club, and meeting the right influencers, and being accepted as an influencer yourself determines the Right of Passage into this exclusive, rich and powerful society.

The Center draws from a enviable pool of talent with extensive global diplomatic, political and industry talent from The White House to multi-national corporations. The knowledge of the right restaurant can make all the difference in competitive negotiations.

Realizing that image is extremely important the Center has a multi camera television studio for on-camera training as well as audio interview facilities and can draw on a pool of experienced videographers, producers, journalists and state of the art facilities.

Practical networking and learning experiences are held at leading restaurants and clubs which bring together leading celebrities, winemakers, authors politicians, and executives. These Crystal Carafe Dinners provide a series of regional evenings to acclimatize junior executives, and recently promoted executives with the cuisine, etiquette and traditions of the country, or region being profiled.

The dinners are coordinated by Linda Schnabl, responsible for banquets and dinners for Royalty, Presidents , corporate leaders, and tens of thousands of dinners for professional groups. Her work in Washington, DC has extended from the Reagan Inaugural to developing dinners for major pharmaceutical companies, major wine and spirit brands and formal banquets.

Leading Chefs explain the range of dishes that will be encountered in the region, and what are considered suitable for a western palate. We are very fortunate to have available the expertise of Chef Jim Swenson, Executive Chef of the National Press Club to guide us on menu selection, and choice of ingredients

Social skills and cultural knowledge form the core of the workshops and training. As the reach of multi-national corporations expands, then the skills and knowledge of Corporate Diplomacy become even more important to the young executive.