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The New GeoPolitical and Energy Intelligence

Washington, DC June 22nd, 2007 --- The world is changing rapidly and the once powerful decision makers, who dictated trends, events and the flow of information are losing their grip on the course of our troubled times.

The resources needed to monitor and understand these world wide forces are becoming more complex, and often at odds with the vested commercial and political forces that try and dictate policy and our lifestyles. None is more obvious than those related to Energy, especially Alternative Energy. There is more BS and Snake Oil being peddled, much by the energy companies, that the world will soon be awash in Snake Oil, and it's value will be zero. Like most political and financial windfalls in American history the public are being led by the nose, thanks to a compliant media.

Politicians have learned a long time ago to make sweeping declaration, knowing they don't stand an Iceberg in Hell's chance of ever coming to reality. Most are made for future dates when those in power are long gone. They know the cost of their statements is beyond the reach of the funds available, but as it will be on some one else's watch, it doesn't really matter.

The Unintended Consequences, and hidden downside of proposals pitched to investors is something the sales person believes should not concern the audience. The onus of doing Due Diligence is not his, but is firmly on the shoulders of those rich fools who invest in the schemes. That is how America grew, fleecing the unsuspecting and uninformed.

The news media of course is an Entertainment Medium, run by Entertainment Companies, who have neither the expertise, nor structure to monitor the real world. Nor do they want to. They want sensational stories that appeal to the lowest common denominator, and make the commercials look good. If there is a downbeat warning it makes people not want to rush out and buy a product they don't need.

But there is an urgent need for a reliable source of global geopolitical and energy intelligence, and that certainly isn't from the big oil companies. Energy and overseas events affect every aspect of business and civic operations, from transportation to heating the schools and retirement homes. We have been looking at the issues involved, the problems and the solutions and believe the time has come to launch a new concept in Intelligence Exchange. The concept of a membership organization that besides being a customer for geopolitical and energy intelligence contributes insights from around the world makes sense. It also makes sense to develop a trading board for meeting the needs of members, such as RFP's, energy supplies or resources to prevent, or assist in a crisis.

The ComLinks Intelligence Exchange is our answer to many of the pressing issues threatening our daily life, and ensuring an accurate, unbiased and timely flow of intelligence to key decision makers. This innovative concept is being developed in Philadelphia, and details will be made public shortly.

In the meantime decision makers need to be aware of the huge fortunes being amassed thanks to the War on Terror, Iraq and now BioFuel. Just remember it is the middle class taxpayer who eventually foots the bill, and the lost jobs, closed factories and foreign ownership of our production base don't bode well for our retirement security. When the government can't meet the Social Security and retirement funding at the end of the decade, because it blew it all on Iraq, it will be too late to begin understanding the forces that influence our prosperity.



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