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Genocide over Energy and Food ??

Washington, DC May 23rd, 2007 --- Some took offence at my suggestion yesterday that Immigration should be controlled with regard for infrastructure, energy and food supplies. Most Evangelicals who objected said I was ignorant of the facts because I just didn't understand the Christian way of giving comfort to the poor, downtrodden and lesser fortunate in this fine country built on immigration and accepting others. Sorry folks, read up on the extermination of the Native American Indian tribes. Then look at the Japanese during World War II and the Blacks up till just a few years ago. America is enjoying a long period of surplus and wealth that is exceptional, and far from normal over the last 5000 years of recorded history. I know emails will come that the USA has only been around a short while, again tell that to the Native American Indians.

I would suggest that the resources of this planet are being used up at an alarming rate, especially the naturally occurring ones such as fish, the only source of protein for millions. The Oil and Gas that are the raw materials for fertilizers, and chemicals that enable such high yields will soon be depleted. Nuclear energy can't be used to make products to fertilize fields, as can Natural Gas. These chemicals we are dumping on the land to sustain this high level of productivity are destroying the fragile natural eco structure. Case in point the Nitrogen being washed off the fields into the rivers and oceans.

The emissions of our huge mushrooming global population are also causing the climate cycle to go crazy, and despite whether we are in a natural cooling or warming cycle the melting icecaps spell disaster for millions of coast dwellers as sea levels change. I won't even mention Hurricanes and Tornados.

At present the United States population is growing by one person every eleven seconds:

Population of America 302,000,000

One birth every.................................. 8 seconds
One death every.................................. 13 seconds
One international migrant (net) every............ 27 seconds
Net gain of one person every..................... 11 seconds

The world graph looks like this:

So we have to feed and supply energy to a 50% increase in population between now and 2050, or earlier if that graph is on the low side. There are those experts who believe the safe level of global population is around 4 billion. Much of the world is already on poverty and subsistence levels already, and famine is widespread, especially in Africa. Fortunately the grain harvests in America are so good that the surplus food feeds the world.

Have Al Qaeda disrupt the Middle East, have US Oil Companies grab that Corn to make Ethanol and you have have a global disaster of unimaginable proportions on your hands. The result will be that millions, even a billion will crash the borders of the United States and the wealthy countries to survive poverty and starvation. Nuclear armed countries such India and China will have the worst problems, and seek the most drastic solutions.

Israel will be overrun and with their dying gasp will loose off their huge nuclear arsenal at anybody and everybody. Then there will be no useable, or recoverable Middle East Oil to keep China, India and the United States running. The world will blame the United States, especially the billions of angry militants in China and India, where most of the goods that once were American are manufactured, and where the call centers and software developers reside.

Al Qaeda will then metamorphasize into the organization that will bring equality to the starving masses, but not by feeding them, just taking away the resources available to the Mighty Satan, aka the United States and the United Kingdom. Their recruiting will be sky high, as young angry males have nothing to lose.

The question put to me at a presentation was "Would you suggest murdering three billion surplus people?"

The answer is that I won't be around when that happens, but Hitler, Himmler and Joe Stalin helped murder 20,000,000 people with limited resources, it won't be too much for future leaders plan a reduction of the global, even US population by innovative means, such as letting loose viruses to take out 2 - 3,000,000,000 and call it Bird Flu, AIDS or something. There will be antidotes, at a price, available for the rich, essential workers, and Party Faithful to make sure they just get a headache. Too far fetched for reality? I would like to think so, but knowing Washington, London and Beijing, I am an glad I won't be around.

The Irish Potato Famine has entered Folklore as a horrible plot by English Landowners to depopulate Ireland. It was not, in fact it showed the dangers of relying on one crop. Consider the reliance on Corn in the United States, and tens of millions of acres being planted of the same crop to produce Ethanol. We are lining ourselves up for a replay of the Irish Potato Famine.

America's beauty is it's wide open spaces, and the countryside is so vast that you can look horizon to horizon in many places without seeing towns or even houses. Then there are the dilapidated cities, rotting and a time bomb waiting to explode. Consider New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore and Philadelphia without power and short of food and water.

Nature seems to historically compensate by slaughtering the life forms, historically wars have culled the excesses, as in the First World War in Europe, and the Second World War around the world. Consider the consequences if China decides it needs to loose ten million or so of it's surplus young men in 2030, and would like America as a new Province. We are all assuming that any genocide or Ethnic Cleansing in the United States will be directed by White Caucasian Males in Washington, DC.

In the meantime what happens if China quietly moves into Cuba, Venezuela, Panama, then Mexico, and controls the ports, shipping, oil fields, refineries and the Panama Canal? What happens if China owns the bulk of the United States debt, and controls the bulk of manufacturing for the United States.

Intelligence Scenarios often sound like Conspiracy Theories, until they actually happen. We run some mind boggling scenarios, and you would not believe the outcome when we inject trends that are already occurring around the world today. We are not as safe and secure as we think we are!

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