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Immigration, or Importing Poverty

Washington, DC May 22nd, 2007 --- The hottest topic this week in Washington, DC is the debate over immigration, or more important that the nation which prides itself in crushing any enemy with "Shock and Awe" just can't keep control of immigration and maintain it's borders. These invaders do not have Tanks and missiles, but Tacos and refried beans.

It's very dangerous to either question Hispanic Immigration or Israel in the Corridors of Power for to enter into a debate over the issues meets with rapid verbal retaliation and a whole string of carefully crafted labels ranging from cruel, anti-Hispanic, immoral, to anti-Semitic in the case of discussing illegal Cluster Bombs.

Even worse is to look at the flood of Hispanic illegal immigrants and ask, "Besides picking crops, cleaning rooms, building cheap houses, and cutting lawns what are the long term net contributions to the wealth and future of America."

The American system depends on immigrants contributing to the growth and intellectual wealth of the nation, otherwise it will eventually be overburdened with entitlements and collapse. There are only so many uninsured laborers with large families needing educational, health and social services from the State that can be absorbed by any country. The next few years will see 79,000,000 Baby Boomers needing assistance, failing energy supplies, and with looming shortages in Water and Oil. Already the hospitals and schools are overwhelmed, with dependents who can't, or won't speak anything other than Spanish, demanding treatment and services they just can't afford. Growing tensions such as these eventually lead to nasty confrontations.

There is no problem in allowing Migrant Workers to work across the country bringing in crops and other short term needs. The migrant worker should be allowed to move freely across the border, and back to the home in Mexico. When that worker brings in a wife and half a dozen children, who are uninsured and a drain on an overstretched social and medical support system then there is a problem. The Looney Left, most of whom are being supported by academia or the State themselves, actually believe the propaganda about "Send me your weak, and exploited" and the Rabid Right want them here so they can exploit them themselves, in sweat shops and manual labor.

Consider that like the "Carbon Footprint" every person has a "National Value Footprint" which rates the value of a person to the wealth, security and well being of a nation. To some extent the Chinese have realized this by restricting the number of children a family may have, a very controversial measure, but they know that in a few short years as the world population climbs from 6 billion to 9 billion there will not be enough food, water or energy to go around.

Thanks to the Catholic Church still living in the Middle Ages families are encouraged to increase the faithful flock by having 5, 6 or even more children with no consideration of how they will be fed and educated.

But the hard fact is that in every Geopolitical and Energy Intelligence Scenario shows a looming crisis and we have to start being smart and reducing the overpopulation, and the luxury of unlimited breeding. The illegal unfettered immigration to the United States and Western Europe needs careful planning, and consideration of the needs of the country, and the future of it's legal citizens, otherwise when the end of cheap food, energy and overwhelmed healthcare resources are reached the worst case scenario is bloodshed.

The current influx of illegal immigrants, their families and the many children that will be born because of the Catholic culture will result in around another 100,000,000 people joining the 79,000,000 Baby Boomers that will be needing healthcare and social services, and will not be able to afford the cost of their energy needs within the next 10 -15 years. Add to that the millions of Obese Children who will be a huge drain on the healthcare and energy pool as they require extra resources to even travel from home to work, and you see the issues involved.

Now I haven't mentioned God, as would have a Washington politician, but if he get's annoyed at Bush using his name in vain again, and sends another Hurricane Katrina, or decides to back Al Qaeda then the problems spin totally out of control, as the number of active wealth creating citizens able to keep the whole country running, is so reduced that a natural, or man made catastrophe could collapse the economy and lead to civil unrest not seen since the Civil War. The worst case scenario is a hurricane hitting Florida, devastating Miami and bouncing up the coast destroying the integrity of the Aquifer, depleted through excessive development. At the same time an Earthquake in California, floods in the mid west, and a handful of Tornados make for an interesting scenario. The only thing that is missing is a Hurricane or something man made to hit Manhattan.

The Emergency services, already at breaking point with catering to the growing pool of poor, and uninsured illegal immigrants would snap. Then as the Bush NRA Rednecks see their mother, sister and brother dying because of hundreds of easily identified people cluttering up the system, you have violence and knee jerk reaction, including mass deportation, or even targeted hostilities. God may be kind and not send more than one natural disaster at once, and only in one part of the country, we will have to wait and see.

The way the American population turned on the Japanese, another easily recognized population, after Pearl Harbor, should be a warning and case study for the liberal academics.

The Critical Infrastructure of the United States is crumbling and until it is repaired and rebuilt this country just can't handle probably up to 100,000,000 new immigrants without means to support themselves and their families, for now and for the future. The flow of migrant workers should be welcomed, and a process for them to come, work, then return to their families is a worthwhile plan, essential to keeping the flow of fruits and vegetables in a energy wasting system of farming and distribution. Eventually we will need to return to the centuries old process of drawing from local communities, and not just shipping lettuce thousands of miles so fresh salad can be on the table in the depths of winter.

The scenario that needs to be developed is to supply the workers to enable the crops to be harvested, homes to be built, and rooms to be cleaned without overburdening the health, education, and energy systems with dependents seeking entitlements when there are no longer enough taxpayers to meet those entitlement payments. Thanks to Bush the United States is in deep debt with the world, at a time when it should be bracing itself for the looming crisis of an aging, and unhealthy population.

It's harsh, and some would say mean, but mankind has shown over the ages that Genocide can be a way of life in even the most civilized societies when faced with unsolvable hardship.

We should be importing solutions to the future needs of the nation, not just importing someone else's poverty.

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