The Cry of Frustrated Youth

Washington, DC, April 14th, 2007 -- The casual murder of young people by frustrated gun-toting youths is the warning that unless addressed will eventually explode into a devastating war that will threaten the very fabric of American society. In the Middle East it's the teens and twenty-something's that are rebelling against American Ideals, or the perception of ideals that constitute the dream state of older generations.

Here in the United States millions are brought up on a diet of violence without cost, of music that glorifies murder, rape and destruction, and on massive corruption by the political leaders. Consider that the leading political candidates have tens of millions of dollars to use in misinformation, distractions, and character assassination of opponents. Look around the crumbling, decayed inner cities and imagine the good that could be achieved with the half billion dollars spent putting Bush into the White House, to send their school friends off to die and be maimed in a war to benefit Cheney and his billionaire buddies.

The failed school system fills young people's heads with delusions of grandeur, of Children of a SuperPower where believing you can achieve success is all that needs to be done. Then reality strikes and it's either flipping Burgers, or finding $40,000 a year for college. You can study hard, go into debt over your head and be an engineer. Oops sorry, that plant has closed and moved to Mexico, we can offer you a trainee managers job at a Burger Joint.

The bully in the class is now riding around in a new Cadillac, and brandishing a shiny new 9mm pistol to the girls hanging on his arms. He get's respect because he supplies the children of those rich folks with Cocaine, Meth, Heroin and everything else. He can't read or write but will pay cash for a big new house. He kills those who don't give him respect. At least he blasts away with his 9mm pistol, Uzi and Glock hoping to send a message. The military set the example by calling it "Friendly Fire" so when an innocent young boy or girl gets a stray bullet, so what. His buddy tells him how they blast those Ragheads and Camel Herders away in Iraq and Afghanistan, and his father tells stories of wiping out those Vietcong Whores and their kids in Vietnam.

We have sales executives who couldn't sell to save their lives, yet have college diplomas by the truckload. We have a whole industry of social and business networking consultants who haven't ever closed a deal, or been to the marketplaces they advise their clients about. We are living in a dream world that can only explode as the Pink Bubble pops.

The frustration of youth is exploding and nobody cares. The results will be even more horrific slaughter around the world, even in the backyards of America. Not only the Inner Cities but in scholastic establishments as frustrated youths seek to make a statement with the handguns the NRA demands they have a right to carry.

We are looking in horror at the death and destruction in Iraq, and believe it can't happen here in the United States, or in the UK. Sorry folks there are a lot of frustrated young people who have been brought up that violence is OK.

There is a terrible disconnect between the mass population and the Rich and Powerful we cover. The gap is getting worse and the outcome will be more terrible unless the underlying problems are not addressed. Here in Washington DC and Prince George's County the situation is getting worse day by day. It is only a matter of time before someone starts mass manufacture of roadside bombs and shaped charges that can open Bank Vaults, Jewelry Stores and other lucrative targets. With nothing to lose these bitter and twisted youths have their 15 minutes of fame.

The Bush family have been very soft on Drugs, despite their rhetoric. The underlying problem is drugs, fueling the frustration of an imploding society, where speculative traders in New York get millions of dollars of bonuses, where ball players get millions a year, and where the average Joe has to work two jobs to pay for his medical bills.

There will be a rude awakening and we will ask why. The contrast, and the deteriorating situation is easy to see if the politicians took a car ride around the streets of Washington, DC, especially the South East section. Leave the $1000 a plate fundraiser's, and meet with the $1000 a month workers a couple of miles away.

Driving up from Washington, DC through Baltimore, to Philadelphia should be made mandatory for all political office seekers. Then a trip through the Southern States to look at the closed plants, especially the textile factories in North Carolina, modern buildings not derelict buildings from the 1800's. This is what the young have to look forward to.

Add to this issue the millions of Hispanics flooding into the United States, willing to work for a fraction of the wages of local youths. Then add the Islamic youth who see the carnage in their old countries by the United States and Israel. We have an explosive mixture being prepared, and we are so smug in our comfortable, mortgaged life that we believe it can't affect us. We are wrong.

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