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Diplomacy and "Closing the Deal"

by Alan J Simpson

Washington, April 12th, 2007 --- At last a high profile business celebrity has said what we have been saying for the past three years, that the Bush Team are totally useless in the Art of Diplomacy and Closing the Deal. They have given away the farm to North Korea to come up with much less than Secretary Albright achieved under President Clinton, and that wasn't anything to write home about.

Rice and Hughes are the wrong people for the job. So was Bolton at the UN. Comes to that President Bush is probably the least diplomatic, and worst communicator in modern times. And then there is Cheney. (Watch for him bailing out to Dubai when the corruption of the past 8 years become public knowledge.) These are role models?

Unfortunately many rising executives have seen their lack-luster attempts and believe that this is the norm for international or corporate diplomacy. It is not! The Bush Administration by any yardstick is an abysmal failure, and their diplomacy gets a total "F" grade.

So to achieve success, and Close that Deal executives have to look at being far more diplomatic, far more socially nimble, and far more successful than the Bush team. Listen to Donald Trump!

The whole world of Public Diplomacy needs overhauling, and reviewing by an independent review body drawn from the leaders of industry. That is Capitalism. Unless Ambassadors and Embassy staff can deliver the goods they are merely expensive trimmings which the country can't afford. Each Ambassador should be given a target, and if their appointment was just payback for political contributions, that target should be very high.

The lack of any success in foreign policy by the Bush Administration, especially under Rice is a abysmal failure that needs to have consequences. It won't and the wimpy mainstream media will write glowing pieces about Rice and Hughes being strong, formidable women, breaking the glass ceiling. Bloody Useless will not appear in these articles. The Palestinians and Israelis, Sunni and Shia will sink further into the Cauldron of Conflict as these butterflies flit around the world for photo ops.

All indications are that the United States is looking at a financial disaster in the years ahead unless reality, and success enters government. True the brainwashed can point to the high level of the Dow, and of the huge profits in selling promissory notes and Junk Bonds on Wall Street. They can look at the huge profits of the Defense Contractors, and the Oil companies. Bush/Cheney have looked after their buddies as promised.

The poor suckers who blindly supported Bush to stop Flag Burning and Late Term Abortions haven't seen much of either of these so they can claim victory for their ideology. Their standard of living has dropped, and their living expenses have risen. Their job security has weakened, and the risk of a young relative being mindlessly blown apart after being sent again and again to save face in Bush's Folly in Iraq is high. But there is no increase in Late Term Abortions.

The cost of the Bush years could have given Universal Healthcare to everyone, could have created millions of new jobs, and could have fixed tens of thousands of crumbling bridges, sewers and water treatment plants. Instead it made Cheney's buddies richer than ever, and funded development in Dubai for the Cheney Empire.

But I digress. What has the bloated government machine done to improve trade, jobs, income and wealth of the nation. What brilliant examples of international negotiating have these morons achieved, as the put the nation deeper and deeper into debt. China loves Bush. India loves Bush, so does Dubai.

But what meaningful deals have they closed to benefit America and the growing pool of unemployed, and under employed. They have given everything in the Pentagon's Store to Israel to further destabilize the region. They have done much the same with Pakistan, who plays on both teams in the war on Terror. And on and on....

The Department of Commerce is a pathetic joke, and the efforts to promote tourism by inviting the party faithful to Washington and give Rice more photo ops is a national disgrace. Any fool can manipulate statistics, and change the counting methods to achieve higher numbers when compared to the old system, but eventually reality will prevail and the fraud uncovered. Doesn't seem to be taken seriously by the public, and the compliant media won't rock the boat.

It wouldn't be so bad if the competition were slow to catch on to our failures. But they are not, and in every field, except weapons and means of destruction we are falling behind in most areas of commerce. It's time to clean house, and start "Closing the Deal" again! Before it's too late.


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