The Sinking Ship, Slipping Off the Rocks

Washington, DC April 2nd, 2007 -- Around the DC "Political Networking Circuit " it is amazing how quickly the Washington Influencers distance themselves from a losing cause, even when they were instrumental in creating the mess.

The Evangelicals, who must take much of the blame for lying and fabricating the War in Iraq to meet their own hallucinatory goals now believe that the Republicans have betrayed their lofty ideals, suitably sanitized of all responsibility for their disastrous lobbying. They have seen the light, been spoken to by a higher lifeform and believe that Bush has followed the wrong path.

Those of us who have been saying that since the very beginning are of course labeled as bitter, unpatriotic and are guilty of leading the unsuspecting voting public to the wrong decision. What bloody hypocrisy!

There is a school of thought that believes the voters have brought the mess of Iraq upon themselves, swallowing the Cheney Coolade and marching behind the carefully scripted photo ops in Teutonic lockstep. If there was a Draft and everyone contributed to fighting the war(s) then Bush would have not been reelected for a second time. Allowing for wholesale voter fraud it was Joe Public who voted to send the Marines and Army back again and again into a predictable Civil War. Don't just blame Cheney and Boy Blunder, the electorate empowered him to fill Walter Reed Hospital with shattered lives!

Jumping on the Backlash Bandwagon are the Democratic Dreamers who haven't a clue about how deep the US has got itself into the quagmire of Iraq. "Pull out the troops by early next year" may sound a good soundbite, but it really is a pipe dream for the sheer logistics of moving all the equipment, personnel and dismantling the 150,000 mercenaries and contractors sucking the lifeblood out of the Wealth of the Nation will take years not months. In the same breath the left wing promise not to blame or impeach Bush and Cheney, just let more brave volunteers get killed and injured. It's so nice to be so righteous and holy with other people's lives, so as not to offend the guilty. We saved Kuwait, we should own Kuwait, now pull back the military into a new US "Superbase" called Kuwait and reduce our exposure in Iraq. Then slowly bring the boys home, in an orderly fashion.

If the Cheney machine could put as much effort into moving the US military back home, as it puts into moving Haliburton, and Cheney to the safety and prosperity of Dubai, away from the prying eyes of future investigators, then there would be a lot of happy soldiers Mum's around the country. But it's all about exploiting opportunities and making billions, not saving lives.

There are those who actually can read a balance sheet and they are realizing, albeit too late, that this war was a spending spree of historic proportions that has still to be paid for, and the debt is growing daily. Using the excuse of a "War on Terror" billions have been spent on new buildings, monuments and hair brained schemes by the military industrial complex. Now suddenly the guilt of an uncontrolled spending spree is overcoming those who joined in the binge. Faced with a military machine with worn out men, weapons and equipment the binge-spenders expect to get a blank check to replace it all. Problem is the ship is on the rocks, and slipping slowly into the Abyss. The powerhouse of old, supplying goods and services around the world, has been outsourced for quick short term profits and can't pay for the war, social security, medicare, rebuilding the military and the bonuses of stock traders and CEO's.

Suddenly the elite on the political social circuit can see visions of Marie Antoinette and angry mobs in their Crystal Balls. Maybe it's time to look at buying that 10,000 acre estate, going for a song in Uruguay, Argentina or Chile. Which is exactly what the Bush's appear to be doing. Suddenly the elite are thinking that a residence in a safe foreign land is a wise investment.

And what about the loyal followers who voted Bush back into office for another four years of unbridled excesses?


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