Corruption in Politics

Washington, DC March 12th, 2007 -- Why do politicians think they can get away with wholesale corruption in Washington? Because they can, and because they do.

The fraud has become blatant, and even more damaging to the credibility of the nation is the knowledge that a Presidential Pardon is already in the works to get them off the legal hook. You can't blame just the Republicans on this count, for Clinton pardoned some really disgusting individuals to secure his future wealth and lifestyle. Can I prove this? Be real, the whole power of the State was used to manipulate the system, and discourage anyone from questioning their decisions. (See "Enemy of the State" for a hint.)

Bush looks like achieving new heights of pardoning corrupt and lucrative practices in his Administration, an example being the smug Scooter Libby who will have taken the fall, for a short time, to protect Karl Rove and ensuring everything he knows about Voter Fraud and other political maneuvers will stay hidden until he writes his autobiography.

The Washington Corruption Machine is totally out of control, and careering towards a disaster of historic proportions. The power and reach of un elected Lobbyists, writing legislation for their paymasters has reached epidemic proportions. It's one thing getting face time to put your point of view across, but having the corrupt power to hand elected representatives already written legislation for them to obligingly ramrod into law, for a lucrative bribe, eats at the fabric of democracy.

The system works well if it is fair and honest. The concerned citizens from thousands of miles away can come to Washington and plead their case. But the new breed of multi-millionaire Beltway Bandits have totally corrupted the system. Take for instance the Pharmaceutical Lobby, one of the most corrupt in the world. People die, live in excruciating pain, or have no quality of life so the Revolving Door of lawmakers and Pharmaceutical Lobbyists can go on churning out huge profits. Millions of dollars are paid to these public servants to take their inside knowledge and go and work for the big drug companies, screwing the public. As the public watch the little old ladies, crippled in pain, struggling to survive, they should thank the multi-million dollar price tags on staffers, administrators and legislators feathering their own nests.

The Auto lobby isn't much better, especially when it comes to such issues as emission control or efficiency of their vehicles in a world of energy shortages.

Where did America go wrong?

The fact is that corruption starts long before the politicians reach Washington. Consider a candidate can raise $30,000,000 in a few months, and over half a billion dollars before they reach the White House. That money comes with a hefty payback clause, and Joe Public sits back, fat, stupid and not realizing that it will be paid back by him and his family, with huge amounts of interest. Nobody gives millions of dollars to a candidate because they like the color of their eyes.

The whole networking machine here in Washington works to bring multiple views to the attention of those drafting the regulations, rules and taxation policies. If that democratic process is corrupted by the decision makers already being bought and paid for, we have moved from a democracy to a form of government that will implode the nation. The corruption is not to advance the prosperity and growth of the nation, but to hold it back in scenarios where the few get obscene profits, and the rest get hosed.

This month we have started Workshops and Briefings for Executives new to doing business in Washington, DC. Where to eat, what protocols to observe, and how to develop the networking to achieve their goals. The realization that the Cult of Corruption in many cases will destroy all their hard work comes as a hard lesson to learn. Unfortunately it seems to be getting worse, not better.

The answer maybe to rate the politicians, regulators and legislators, similar to a Credit Rating. Those with a low rating don't get re-elected. Sadly those with the lowest ratings for honesty get the most campaign contributions, so they can buy enough media to fool the voters, and be certain of being re-elected. Maybe Washington will suffer the same fate as Ancient Rome. All indications are that it is well along that road to ruin.

All we can do is show the new executives the ropes, and hope they will achieve a new level of success earlier generations have failed to achieve. This is more important than ever for the generation of Baby Boomers, for if they aren't successful who will look after us and pay for our medical coverage as we all live to a grand old age. It would be better for us to report on places to see and be seen in Washington, DC than how to avoid being caught in Food Riots and Gang Wars.


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