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Private Diplomacy - The Way Forward

Alan J Simpson

Washington, DC Feb. 6th, 2007 ---- The most visible group of Private Diplomacy advocates are undoubtedly the Disciples, as portrayed in the Bible. Jesus was not a nation state, yet he sent his close friends around the world to spread knowledge and understanding.

Today he would be appalled at how politicians, organizations and nations are using his name and have corrupted the message and the process. Some time ago when it was decided to replace old forms of government with Republics, and Kings and Emperors with short term leaders in for a quick killing, it was decided to replace Private Diplomacy with Public Diplomacy. This worked for a while, then corruption and greed took over when these Emissaries were appointed for how much Gold they raised for the party cause. This corruption reached new heights under George W. Bush who developed the most ineffective, and worthless Public Diplomacy team in the history of a Nation State.

Just like Jesus didn't look to the Romans to allow his message to be spread, nor relied on the political patronage of King Herod's successors the message today has to be spread using Private Diplomacy. Had he "Gone through Official Channels" he would have been as well known as the work of Archelaus and Antipas. Who? They were the successors to Herod. Instead he took the private route, and two thousand years later billions follow his teachings.

Today we see the destruction of the American Message around the world, by politicians who use Public Diplomacy as a tool of Propaganda to further their political agenda. Multimillionaire TV Evangelists such as Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell preach hate and further destroy the American Message.

But out of this swirling filth comes individuals who see the future in Private Diplomacy, undoing the destruction of the public image of America. People such as Bill Gates, who by the way I am no fan of his Microsoft products, and Oprah Winfrey who put their money where their conscience dictates, unlike the Bush family who put it all in the Bank. But it is not just the very rich who are embracing Private Diplomacy as the only way out for the people of the United States, and many other countries.

In Iraq and Afghanistan there are many examples of US Soldiers conducting a unsung Private Diplomacy whilst carrying out a destructive Public Diplomacy policy of this Administration. They work with children and communities, as do the medical personnel of the US , UK and allied forces. Their work is not directed by the controllers of US Public Policy, but their work achieves far higher public awareness than all the multi million dollar propaganda flowing out of Washington, DC.

Every corporation operating, selling or sourcing globally should be advocating Private Diplomacy and training their representatives to spread the positive message around the world. If every US corporation embraced this Private Diplomacy concept, the negative perceptions, and hostility towards the United States and Britain would evaporate as soon as the Bush Administration are out of office.

The alternative is a continuation of the slip towards global conflict and open war we see developing over the past six years. The hemorrhaging of the wealth of the United States and their Allies, the increasing attacks on America, and the end of society as we have enjoyed it for generations. No political party can reverse this trend with a handful of party faithful, inexperienced and driven by profit and party ideology. It has to come from a groundswell of desire to enjoy the short time we have on Earth, without the fear of suicide bombers, car bombs and missiles ripping apart our neighborhoods.

Poverty, famine and ideological extremism are ripping the world apart, and building with a force far greater than Public Diplomacy can counteract. Look at is as the choice between the no cost Public Defender or the top Defense Lawyer from private practice, representing you for your life.

Ask not what your country is doing for you, ask what are you doing for your country!


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