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Washington, DC Feb. 2nd, 2007 ---- Before the Royal Air Force let me loose with their multi-million pound Nimrod reconnaissance aircraft they sent me to one school after another, and if I passed they let me move to the next phase of training. Thereafter they sent me to the Royal Navy, the Army, NATO and to several universities. The same applies to all the front line military, they have to prove their ability to serve, and be responsible for the tasks they are assigned. They are judged by their peers.

Politicians on the other hand need rich friends and in return for corrupt promises get to run the whole show. That is very obvious in the US system.

I walked around and around the Capitol Building the other day, in a search for an injured Member of Congress. I had tried to find an injured, or dead member of the Bush Administration from the War in Iraq and Afghanistan the week before, and failed.

In a local restaurant I watched two former soldiers coping with lost limbs, and badly scared faces. They were outstanding in their attitude to having to go through the rest of their lives for the folly of politicians, the military force behind the politicians lies. They were highly trained and in their early twenties, very early twenties. It was a local cafe more than a restaurant for it was all they could afford.

Later at a very expensive restaurant, way outside the means and dreams of those shattered soldiers I listened to political propaganda from wealthy politicians how Iraq was a huge success and we should raise our glasses of expensive wine to our visionary Vice President, the savior of Democracy in Iraq.

I looked around at the twenty-something disciples of the visionaries speaking about Iraq and how they had seen first hand the successes. I also noted the Secret Service and bodyguards making sure nobody approached them. I asked a couple of disciples what it was like in Iraq. They really liked the Palaces in the Green Zone and the hospitality. They felt safe surrounded by enough guards and "contractors" to invade a small country.

That got me thinking about training and meeting the required standards to be a key link in the military shield. The Commander in Chief was a total disaster in "training" and the second in command is a world class draft dodger. Being bi-partisan the previous Commander in Chief, "Zipper" Clinton was hardly a glowing example of military guts and drive. So the kids in the cafe volunteered. were put through the mill, tested, retested and came out proficient. Their Commander in Chief ran like a scared rabbit and hid behind his Daddy, or in his case Mummy. Isn't there something wrong with that picture?

In the UK the Prime Minister has to show leadership in multiple roles in government before his party allows him to take the leadership. In the USA they have to be the leader in fundraising, and employ the best Spin Doctors, and voter fraud also helps. A team of very well paid lawyers also helps when you know you lost, but the electorate doesn't.

So to be a private in the Marines you have to go through living hell at the hands of masochistic training instructors and show you have the ability, loyalty and backbone to be a Marine. The Commander in Chief just needs lots of money and the ability to lie at Poker.

If a Marine fails on the field of battle he dies. If a politician fails in Washington, DC they retire multi-millionaires with a huge pension, and healthcare beyond most peoples dreams. Is that the way we want to run the country?

It's politically incorrect to question Senator Barack Obama about his experience to be President. Many people would be alive today, or not have their lives and dreams ruined if we had looked more closely at George Bush and his string of failures, and lifestyles. The Republican Congress wouldn't let President Clinton invade the Cayman Islands let alone Afghanistan and Iraq. The Republican Congress should have looked at Bush and asked more questions. They didn't out of loyalty to the Spin Doctors and election riggers. Their pensions and income from lobbyists were on the line.

I don't expect anything to change in my lifetime. The people who make the changes are the culprits. I only hope this 2008 election cycle the voters look for the qualities to make the best Commander in Chief as well as President. They won't, they will be wooed by slick advertising and staged public pronouncements by their politicians, surrounded by uniformed soldiers, sailors and airmen and the magnificent trappings of war.

Don't you find it strange that the people who wet their pants and ran away from the military, now surround themselves with the trappings of a great General. Maybe they should be put through the basic training course of any of the branches of the military, to see if they have the qualities of a basic Private before they are promoted to Commander in Chief.

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