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Bush's Groundhog Day

Washington, DC Jan. 30th, 2007 ---- There is a movie with Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell where the character played by Bill Murray keeps repeating each day, and gets better doing the same thing again and again. Bush believes the plot of Groundhog Day applies to the Middle East.

The need to invade Iran is now centerpiece of the Neo-Fascists and Evangelical Christians determined to meet their maker after Armageddon. The abysmal failure of Bush's Iraq policy will be rectified after he has repeated the folly again with Iran. The "Shock and Awe" of America's military might will frighten the Iranians, just like it did the Iraqi's. The aftermath doesn't matter for the day will be played out again and those magnificent men in their flying machines will bomb and bomb some more.

The Aegis galactic battlecruiser will keep the Strait of Hormuz open and the California National Guard will seize the Iranian Oilfields, and VP Dick will have more Oil and contracts to give to his cronies. It reminds one of the scenarios of Iraqi maidens lining the streets waving the Stars and Stripes and welcoming the GI's with hugs and kisses. Unfortunately Bush believes it!

The might of the United States could deliver a crippling blow to Iran and do untold damage in the opening hours of the War. Just like they did to Baghdad. The water, electricity, sewerage, schools and hospitals will be flattened to make life a living hell for the ungrateful non believers of Christian values of brotherly love. Then what?

Stupid question for that doesn't matter as it all repeats itself for North Korea, and just before the movie ends Bill Murray will get Andie MacDowell and Bush will retire to his ranch, ride his mountain bike and donate his coloring book to form the Bush Presidential Library.

Some one else will have to clean up the mess of a global Holy War, Israel nuking everyone, and being destroyed by nukes from those decimated by fallout. Iranians will have nowhere to go but to Europe and onto America to bomb cities, buses, trains and everything American.

Even thinking Israeli's, those not supporting NuttyYahoo that is, ask what happens after the strike. They have most to lose for although they have huge influence they still have a piddly little strip of land easily overrun by fanatical and miffed Islamic fighters.

Bush again is thinking OIL, then OIL, and finally OIL. His advisers conclude the Iranian Oilfields will be quickly captured, and the Strait kept open as it was in earlier conflicts. Like old failed Generals they are fighting battles of a bygone age. The slaughter of innocents does not figure in the Bush/Cheney vocabulary, don't dare mention the marginally responsible daughters of either, but expect everyone else to sacrifice their children for OIL.

The outcome of an attack on Iran is far from certain. The extent of Iranian nuclear facilities is unknown. The true state of Iranian forces is also unknown. The rhetoric resembles the flawed assessment of Peasant Farmers in Blue Pyjamas that got the United States into such trouble in Vietnam. The amount of clandestine help from North Korea and China, as well as Russia is also unknown. The announcement of Iran planning to send up a satellite caused the same panic as the same message from the Soviet Union fifty years before. For if the Iranians have rockets that will reach into Space they can certainly hit Tel Aviv, and those OIL refineries so loved by Cheney and Bush.

In all scenarios I have seen the US wipes out the Iranian command and control facilities within hours, and like Saddam the Iranians just stand there and watch their resouces being destroyed by the Mighty Satan. The US Aegis Cruisers are invincible, and the easily spotted Aircraft Carriers are untouchable. If the Iranians fired everything as the first stealth bomber struck, or the first aerial armada crossed their border then they would be cheating.

I firmly believe Iran could be neutralized by Diplomacy, with open and multiple dialogs between statesmen. Unfortunately Iran has a rebel rousing scruff and the US has a Boy Blunder. Oh for a Reagan, even a Nixon.

And the soldiers in the field? Will Bush keep sending them back again and again until they are wounded or killed, for his kids certainly won't contribute to the war effort. When the whole Middle East explodes in brutal carnage, will the same volunteers bear the brunt of the war, whilst their peers get multi million dollar bonuses on Wall Street, profiteering from the war. History shows that these conditions precipitate drastic remedial action from the masses.

But that won't happen because when the alarm rings George can move on to attack North Korea, then China, and maybe the Omega 19 Galaxy, because he is Commander in Chief, and Dick says he can. All together O-I-L!


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