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The Surge

by Alan J Simpson

Washington, DC Jan. 17th, 2007 ---- The atmosphere in Washington, DC these days is somewhat surreal. With a President who still is infected with that "Vision Thing" and keeps himself in isolation from the real world in case he get's infected with reality, it is amazing that even he would think his "Surge" idea would do anything but make the situation worse.

Send in 100,000 more troops in a pincer movement to destroy the Sadr Militia in a great battle makes sense, but to dribble 30,000 and spread them out in the areas occupied by the militants sounds like the policy of someone who ran away from military service scared to be part of an unpopular war. Oops sorry it is!

The math just doesn't add up for any urban bloodbath. The soldiers would be split up in small groups sleeping in buildings that might as well have a target painted on them. The Sadr militia is estimated at around 60,000 armed, ruthless fighters. The Iraqi Army and police are pro Sadr and mainly Shia thanks to that idiot Paul Bremmer cleaning out the Sunni trained officers and leaders. We forget Bush's Ambassador caused the mess we now see, not Iran and not Ahmadinejad. The American audience may be misled to believing that the problems in Iraq are Iranian backed, truth is it is our incompetence that caused the chaos, not Iran. True Iran moved into the leadership vacuum as the US retreated to the Palaces inside the Green Zone.

While the US contractors, or should I say Cheney Hoodlums were looting the country the massive stockpiles of US supplied munitions and guns were left unprotected. The news reports, with lots of video footage, showed open bomb dumps with piles of 500lb bombs and artillery shells there to be taken. Tens of thousands of guns vanished into thin air. Of course the Oil Ministry was heavily guarded and so were the convoys looting and shipping valuables back to the USA. Now we are seeing the results of that war profiteering.

The problem with this war is that the lies have become legitimate. The American public have swallowed the BS and haven't bothered to look closely. They are too busy scraping a living as the Bush Administration squeezes the lifeblood out of the Middle Class. If CNN and Fascist Fox had real numbers on the screen, including Mercenaries by whatever name they use, it would clearly be seen that the US forces are hopelessly outgunned on the ground when it comes to street fighting. The Iraqi forces just don't exist. A couple of Toyota pickup trucks and a handful of dirty scrap rifles will not take Sadr City. No wonder the Iraqi police and army desert or change sides. Where have the billions of dollars of US taxpayer money gone? The huge sums that were earmarked to rebuild the Iraqi Army and police destroyed by Paul Bremmer. Someone has siphoned off an awful lot of our hard earned taxes.

It seems that the Congressional sore throat has improved and they now have a weak voice back. This sore throat kept them quiet for the past four years when they sat back and watched Cheney and his hand puppet Bush run amok. Too late now to realize the US trusted incompetent leaders and now the price has to be paid. Where were the vocal Democrats when they were needed?

Many, many months ago I wrote on the Vietnamization of Iraq. That's going to be the end result of this stupid gamble. The US will find a scapegoat, in this case Iran, escalate the war, and pull out as in Vietnam. Only the Middle East isn't the Far East, and someone should have told the Texans.

General Patton had the right idea, that in times of war everyone in uniform should grab a rifle and fight. That is why we have a military. The US has far too many clerks and support people, drawing full military benefits, who should be made available to fight. Then the US has enough troops to swamp Baghdad in a deluge of urban warfare. Otherwise admit yet again that a war was won by the US Military, and lost with a humiliating defeat by US Politicians. Unlike Vietnam the politicians should not be allowed to scurry back and hide in their rat holes, pardoned by their friends. This war needs accountability.

The other alternative is to allow the military a free hand to retake Baghdad, and clear the rubble away from the area formerly known as Sadr City. Probably too late to have B-52's clear out the slums for rebuilding.

As for the Iraqi Government, it's "Deal or No Deal". If they want to do a deal with Sadr then we should agree to their demands for a timetable of withdrawal and let them fight it out themselves. We are only delaying the inevitable, just for the Oil and the Bush family fortunes. Then there is Cheney's war profiteering.

What a mess! The Muppets could have done a better job.


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