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President Ford

Washington, DC Jan. 2nd, 2007 ---- It is surprising the pomp and circumstance heaped upon the funeral of former President Gerald Ford for he used to walk around unnoticed, a friendly man who would stop and talk. My wife worked for him in the White House, and one day I met President Ford in the Foyer of the National Press Club, just walking through, one of many people thronging around. No screaming Secret Service clearing everywhere, and disrupting business, no Royal Entourage as accompanies Dick Cheney, or Queen Lynn.

I smiled at the former President, said Good Morning and started chatting. A true Gentleman who could have been anyone in the crowd. I have nodded many times since then as I rushed past, and he he gently strolled towards the elevators, or the Ballroom to present his awards, and occasionally stopped and exchanged a few words. Thinking back these were lost opportunities for he was gracious at sitting down and talking, unlike most recent Republican office holders who demand their lawyers are present to ensure they escape indictment for their actions.

What amazes me is that most people remembered him for stumbling and being accused of not being able to Chew Gum and ..... you know the phrase. In fact he came across as a genuine person unlike the slick, trained and spun politicians of today. He was no John Kennedy, but on the other hand he was clean. Kennedy was the product of the Democrats version of Voter Fraud. Ford did have two major flaws in my books, he spawned Dr. Evil, Dick Cheney and Dr. Death, Donald Rumsfeld and started Bush 1 on the road to the White House. One stroke of the pen by Ford could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, destruction of the MIddle East, and saved the world, and America from the Bush family and their criminal cohorts.

It is hard to believe that the Cheney/Rumsfeld/Bush scam was hatched so far back. The people of the United States will be paying for their ideological excesses for generations.

But besides that Ford had to make some pivotal decisions, and for that he must be examined. His decision to pardon the paranoid Nixon was controversial, as Americans love revenge, and unchristian punishment of sinners. The spectacle of dragging Nixon through the courts and humiliation by the media was lost by the pardon. The current Bush Administration hopes the next President will be generous too and follow Ford's precedent.

Ford did carry through his promises and pulled the troops out of an impossible war. He knew what it was like to fight for his country, not get Daddy to get him out of his duty.

The statement about Ford being against the Iraq war was met with the same snubs by Boy Blunder as Bush pulled off at the funeral President Reagan. How dare thinking former Presidents criticize the anointed Commander in Chief. I do wish Ford had leaked his opinions before the thousands of American soldiers were killed and maimed in the "Made for Cheney" war .

Time marches on and the world changes for the worse every day.

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