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LoveFest for Rummy

Washington, DC Dec. 17th, 2006 ---- Anyone who watched the carefully scripted "LoveFest" as failed Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld departed his office would have believed they were at a ceremony straight from Hollywood. In the words of one TV Anchor "This proves President Bush is Stupid and Vice President Cheney is a Liar. " I couldn't have put it better myself!

Consider the abysmal management of the War in Iraq, and Afghanistan. Not the military execution of the war, but of the whole political structure built on a lie by Cheney/Rumsfeld which made a military victory impossible. Far from creating a new modern military Rumsfeld has destroyed the credibility of the military around the world, and at home. His domineering, bombastic approach to even the smallest detail made accurate intelligence analysis impossible. In fact when the professional Intelligence Analysts saw no Weapons of Mass Destruction Rummy created his own Party Intelligence Apparatus to manufacture the required conclusions. His role in History, aptly named Dr. Death will be seen as a lapdog for Dr. Evil, Vice President Cheney.

But when the voters call for a massive change, when any Cabinet Secretary resigns in disgrace, and when the President has to admit firing him, then it would be assumed the person would quietly slip away, avoiding the cameras. But such is the "Alice in Wonderland" disconnect with Bush and Cheney, instead they stage an expensive, televised departure for him more suited to an Oscar winner in Hollywood. With the stacked military personnel, the required backdrop for Bush and Cheney, both Draft Dodgers, the glowing accolades were heaped on the disgraced Rumsfeld. Carefully selected for their color, race and gender these soldiers, sailors and airmen have been reduced to being props for two Draft Dodgers who did anything to get out of being near a war zone. Now they further debase the military by piling praise upon praise on the man who led them to defeat. Bush could have brought back Mike Brown, the disgraced former FEMA head, or Paul Bremmer whose mismanagement and corruption in Iraq will become the story of legend when the facts are revealed, and made an even bigger comedy production.

True the military badly needed modernizing, but the transformation had started before Rummy was put into the office by his old buddy Dick. There are still 27% of suckers in the polls who still believe the propaganda, still believe we are winning the war, and believe Bush/Cheney are doing a good job. What a hell of a marketplace for the Brooklyn Bridge, or swampland in Florida.

Then there are the tens of thousands of broken young men and women, who truly suffered for Bush's Folly. This week in a small town in rural America I called into a cafe for some good old home cooking. There was a table full of young twenty-somethings talking about their future. The men were clearly military by their haircuts and body language. One getting a lot of attention I assumed had just won a medal, or some award. He got up from the table, insisting he fetched something instead of his young wife with the baby. It was then I noticed his artificial leg and other badly mauled and reconstructed leg. This cheerful young man had been seriously injured in Iraq. A old veteran seated at a nearby table complimented him on his walking skills. Instead of basking in the praise he pointed to his friend, who got up and came over. He too had lost a leg, and part of an arm. Both young men were enthusiastic about their future, and truly were beacons of courage.

I thought of the millions of dollars, sorry billions, Rumsfeld and Cheney, together with their friends and supporters have made off the war, and how they would be spending their windfall profits, from their multiple residences, when this young family is struggling to bring up their children. Saddam was never a threat to America, nor to this young family.

As Boy Blunder Bush heaped praise over Rummy with the Profiteer in Chief Cheney hovering over him, I hope God was watching.

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