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Cinderella in Jordan

Washington, DC Nov. 29th., 2006 ---- The President of the world's largest economy, some would say the world's Superpower has been stood up for dinner by the leader of a patch of land the size of Central Park. For that is the true power of the Prime Minister of Iraq. An extremist Cleric immediately pulled the support of over thirty Members of his government out, and showed who really is in charge.

All the pomp and circumstance of the leader of the United States, the magnificence of Air Force One, and the massive military and diplomatic support to take the President of the United States and Commander in Chief to Jordan was all in vain. Former Presidents who went to Moscow, London, Beijing and the major centers of power must be livid. What a laughing stock we are in news broadcasts around the world. Cinderella went to the Ball, but Prince Charming stayed away with a headache! OK it was only the ceremonial diplomatic dinner, but real diplomats around the world get the message. Bush probably won't but that is par for course.

It's a sad indictment that the only country to hold this meeting was Jordan, hardly a player in global politics. The King is a very nice, pleasant and charming person, a rare person in such a hateful region. In fact he is a regular visitor to Washington, DC and has been at the National Press Club several times. The real power player, Dick Cheney went to meet with the Saudi's last week. He doesn't trust George around big decisions that can have an effect on Big Oil.

George Bush has shown that he has absolutely no ability to choose world class players for his administration, or for Iraq. He has backed loser after loser. The latest puppet Al-Maliki is a classic example. It's all smoke an mirrors, with spinning by Karl Rove. The President of Iraq is in Iran deciding the fate of the region. In reality the decisions will be made by real power players away from the sham Cinderella's Ball in Jordan.

The facts are that Cheney, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq will do deals to keep the Black Liquid Gold flowing and that Boy Blunder will be allowed to attend the King's Balls, with all the ceremony and publicity. Unfortunately the Prince won't be there to listen to Cinderella Bush and so all he can do is listen to Al-Sadr making a mockery of the United States. He dare not say anything against Al-Sadr for with the meager US troop levels, and the strength of the Al-Sadr Militia the outspoken Cleric could whip the Ass of the US Army. Of course if the US Army had proper support, proper equipment and a decent manpower level they could wipe out the Al-Sadr Militia in a weekend. Sounds like a replay of the political meddling in Vietnam that caused the humiliating US defeat. Sorry, tactical withdrawal to enable the South Vietnamese to fight the overwhelming Communist forces themselves. One wonders what lame excuse the Old Guard of the Republicans will pull together for their excuse of abandoning their allies and the US soldiers who gave everything this time.

Now if Boy Blunder was a real leader he would have included Syria, Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia and possibly Turkey in the meeting. But he dare not speak to anyone who he labeled as being from the "Axis of Evil". The leaked memo today from the White House has been like a slap in the face of the Iraqi Prime Minister. Not the best ploy before a high level diplomatic meeting.

Enough of this political theater, get on to the real negotiations. America, or in particular the Bush Administration has lost control of it's foreign and military policy.



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