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Jewish Influence in Washington, DC

Washington, DC Nov. 24th -- The battle for the Chairmanship of the powerful and strategically important House Intelligence Committee is as much about maintaining the stranglehold over American policy by Israel and AIPAC as about the personalities of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Jane Harman. Rep Jane Harman is regarded by many inside the Beltway as "Bought and Paid for by Israel" and many suspect her bias when Israel is on the agenda.

The explosive nature of the current Middle East conflict is such that the mere mention of having the slightest bias towards Israel, Shia or Suni Muslims, even towards the Saudi's must disqualify the person from any office,or influence on the Intelligence process. America has to begin seeing situations through neutral eyes, in order to make the best decisions for World stability, and that may mean telling Israel to "Cool it".

The same criticism can be leveled against the Temporary UN Ambassador John Bolton, who is a throwback to ways of earlier Imperial Empires. The insistence that any Resolution is absolute and binding on Iran, yet none are allowed against flagrant abuses by Israel makes the US unworthy of it's Veto in the Security Council. The invasion and uncivilized bombing of Lebanon will come back to haunt the people of Israel in years to come. The barbaric carpeting of civilian areas with Cluster Bomb anti personnel mines needs more than condemnation in the United Nations, it needs War Crimes indictment.

Had surgical strikes against rocket launchers been the IDF action, there would have been clear justification, but once again a small country is allowed overwhelming barbaric response against the civilian population because it is shielded by the misguided patronage of the extreme elements in the United States. The average American does not realize the implications of this absolute support of the school bully by the School Principal. They will eventually pay for it with the blood of American soldiers.

The people of Israel do not want this constant war, and threat of annihilation as retaliation for the military excesses of the IDF. If Israel were seen as a willing partner in the region the rantings to the crowds of Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would not resonate with the angry masses.

The influence on US Policy will be threatened with the ousting of Rep.Jane Harman and UN Amb. John Bolton and will precipitate the vocal support of Jewish organizations, and millions of dollars of lobbyist dollars from AIPAC to sway the vote. Just as the bribing of US politicians from Saudi Arabia must be stopped, this AIPAC influence has to be chocked. If it were Russia or China the outcry would be heard on Mars, but the manipulation of US policy by Middle East countries is counter productive.

The unbridled stupidity of the senior Bush Administration may manifest itself in an attack on some of the nuclear installations in Iran, as the failed Presidency draws to a close. The chances of hitting every Iranian military installation, and every nuclear plant is about as remote as George Bush being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The retaliation would send the world into a Depression the United States may not recover from for many violent years. It is a risk America should not take, unless massive new oilfields are found off Daytona Beach, and tens of thousands of manufacturing plants start up to take back production from China.

Iran is playing a time sensitive game of political bluff, and is winning. Israel needs Iran, and Iran needs Israel. neither needs nuclear weapons, and both should open their nuclear facilities to International Inspections. Israel knows they could be wiped out with a human wave of fanatical Islamic invaders, driven by revenge. They also suspect they could be destroyed by Islamic nuclear bombs. One is a certainty, the other is a scenario. The United States can't stop a renegade Islamic Cleric and his private band of Militia. The spectacle of an organized Islamic force from the Mediterranean to the Pacific Ocean is the worst case scenario. The smaller spectacle for an radical Islamic federation of anti-American and anti-Israeli states following a spreading Islamic take over, encapsulating Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, astride most of the world's oil is possible within this decade.

It's time for international diplomacy and clear unbiased thinking. That is not, and has never been a strong point of AIPAC's influence in Washington. It's time for careful choice of actions, military incursions and reaction to ineffective attacks with crude missiles. Lebanon was a disgrace and the Israeli military and political leaders need to be brought to trial. Chasing and destroying Hezbollah is one thing, but blanket carnage and destruction of the country, together with wholesale use of inhuman cluster bombs to render urban areas inhabitable to the civilian population has weakened the government so much that a civil war is a probability. The Washington lobbyists for the Israelis will have caused their eventual destruction by their greed. Just as the Bible says! The people of Israel deserve better.


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