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It's Civil War, Stupid!

Washington, DC Nov. 22nd., 2006 ---- The mainstream media have long stopped running Colin Powell's statement that "If you break it, it's yours" for in a nutshell that encapsulates the entire Iraq scenario. The gross incompetence of the Bush Administration, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle and most importance Paul Bremmer need hauling before a special international court for what they have done in the name of the United States.

In the meantime the RoveBot Spin Machine is peddling the idea that the Civil War is not real, genocide does not exist, and really it's a whole success story about to become a Disney movie.

In reality it's the first stages of a bloody civil war, which will spread to join up with the civil wars starting in Lebanon and Israel. Yes thanks to the same stupidity the US and Israel employed in Iraq, Lebanon, West Bank, Gaza and the earlier fiasco in Afghanistan future generations will be suffering from this crowd of political morons for years to come.

The spectacle of Bush flying to Jordan to meet with King "What's his name" and the Prime Minister of the Green Zone fills the international diplomatic community with real confidence. The grinning stumbling, bumbling Commander in Chief should save the taxpayer a whole lot of money and have flown down to Disney World and done a press conference from It's a Small World. Speaking to the audio-animatronic dolls will achieve more results than the meeting in Jordan. At least it will amuse the kids who will be paying China for the loans taken out to pay for Bush's folly.

One by one you will see politicians breaking ranks and using the words "Civil War". In months to come the downright forbidden word "Genocide" and all the implications for War Crime trials will begin creeping in to statements by politicians covering their Assets. That does nothing for the Iraqi population seeing their oil stolen, promised money for rebuilding diverted to Cayman, Switzerland and everywhere else, but to rebuild American bombing damage in Iraq.

The figure of 650,000 killed and injured in Iraq, reported by a study recently, would result in a massive outcry at the Security Council if any other country was involved. The Chinese and Russians can play this card when ever they want.

The United States has two options. It surrenders to Iran, or it bites the bullet and send in hundreds of thousands more troops and quells the civil war. If that involves the Draft so be it. The two Bush twins should be the first drafted. The military can pull all those support troops sitting on their asses in Italy, Germany, Okinawa and around the world, give them a rifle and six weeks police training and send them to Iraq to be colonial policemen. The huge numbers will quickly quell the civil war, bring stability and the whole lot can come home! The other alternative is exactly what Iran has planned from the very beginning, and it's regional power will be recognized by America and to save Bush's Ass will demand Israel be thrown to the wolves.

The new Peace Initiative for the Palestine Problem will begin the alienation of Israel as the idea of losing the Middle East Oil supply for the United States trumps political rhetoric to please AIPAC and New York Jews. Watch for the Pollard spy case to be used as an excuse that you can't trust Israel.

The real fight for Iraq is just beginning, the result of gross mismanagement by the United States amateur politicians, the goals for Iran are close, so close that they will make sure the insurgents in Iraq, Lebanon and Gaza will be well equipped with military grade explosives and weapons. China and Russia, who will benefit by a weakened America will be there too, helping with intelligence and advanced technology. The conditions for a humiliating defeat for America are coming into play. The leaders convinced the US population that Korea was a victory, Vietnam was a draw, and now need to plan how to spin another humiliating defeat into a victory. Blame it on to the Iraqi's for the US invasion of their country. And when Saudi Arabia falls then the US amateur politicians can get the World War they want. And they will ultimately lose that too!

Stop this civil war, execute a dozen or so Clerics, bring back Saddam Hussein and kick ass. OK do everything to stop this civil war. Bremmer missed the opportunity to manage a stable existing law enforcement infrastructure, and dismantled a working structure in a childish Hissy fit.





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