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All Eyes on Democrat Committees

Washington, DC Nov. 21st., 2006 ---- The battles for the powerful Congressional Committees may seem of passing interest to people across America, and around the world but they determine the fortunes of hundreds of companies, and tens of thousands of employees.

The Democrats have to reign back the out of control military spending, without putting fighting forces at risk. This means many hugely expensive projects will be cut back and many cancelled. The huge number of Pentagon "Pork" projects funneling billions into private contractors in Iraq too cannot be sustained, especially if Social Security demands keep growing. The list goes on and on, from increasing taxation of the rich, and corporations to finding funds to pay back the irresponsible loans taken out by the Bush Administration, and a compliant Republican Congress, with absolutely no concept of what President Reagan saw as the Republicans responsibility for small government, and financial conservatism.

In the world of Intelligence oversight the guns are out for Rep. Jane Harman, though by most to be too close to Israel and AIPAC. Some critics question if her loyalty to Israel is above her loyalty to the United States. Either way she is seen as too weak in standing up to the Bush excesses.

But the lock-step fanaticism of the Republican Congress under Tom DeLay, and Newt Gingrich before him does not exist in the factional Democrats. The idea that the Representatives are there for their constituents quickly evaporates, and they form themselves into Caucuses. The Black Caucus, the Hispanic Caucus and so on. What are illegal cartels in commerce becomes the way of Congress.

Already the newly elected Representatives and Senators are finding the attention by the 50,000 lobbyists circulating through the corridors of power a pleasant experience. Campaign promises being checked at the door. For Political Intelligence Analysts this is a nightmare.

Already corporations are asking for clear projections of everything from where funds will be allocated, to how much radio spectrum will become available if the military and intelligence community loses several projects. The problem is that the Democrats have to be careful with opposing the constant hemorrhaging of money into Iraq, much siphoned off through corruption, as this will be portrayed to a malleable public as being weak on terrorism and being against providing the fighting forces with supplies and protection. The campaign for the 2008 elections has already begun. The fact is that the corruption and fraud rampant in the Defense Industry and Iraq budget would pay for healthcare for millions.

And it will be healthcare that will become the central theme in 2008, as up to 100,000,000 illegal immigrants, their families and dependents working in minimum wage jobs demand free medical care at Emergency Rooms. The real wealth creating ability of the United States, not including the illusions of wealth connected to stock prices and virtual equity of corporations. The wealth creating ability of manufacturing has been moved to future competitors, a move to grab short term profits for the few. They have the ability to move their wealth overseas. The millions of workers, displaced when production moved overseas do not have this luxury and will turn to government to help them.

The issue facing the Democrats is that they have to cut back the excesses of the Republicans, try and help the millions seeking relief, and not appear to be abandoning the military fighting in Iraq for a gullible voting public. The cost of war will begin to grow exponentially as the equipment and personnel become worn out, and the wasteful rebuilding projects grow, without delivering the required, or promised results.

The Committee Chairperson then becomes the key players in a battle of conflicting interests and requirements, often with potentially deadly results. The choice of these by Nancy Pelosi then becomes a make or break decision for the United States, thousands of companies, and millions of workers and investors.



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