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Republican Voter Fraud

Washington, DC Nov. 18th., 2006 ---- One of the most important investigations the incoming Democrats can begin is an investigation in the wholesale treasonable voter fraud undertaken by the Republicans. The threat to America from this manipulation of voting machines, software and use of negative numbers already loaded into memory devices is bigger, and more damaging to democracy than anything Bin Laden, Adolf Hitler, Joe Stalin or Emperor Hirohito attempted to unleash. The punishment for the guilty should be the death penalty, and Guantanamo Bay should be the interrogation center of choice.

This is terrorism at it's worst. Not from outside, but from trusted citizens failing in their duty, loyalty and everything they promised to uphold oath after oath.

I may sound like a conspiracy theorist but there is now enough independent assessment of the voting machines, Republican loyalties, and with the damage done to the United States by these Fascists, to demand a thorough investigation, and to send a message to future generations, multiple rapid executions.

Within a period of six years everything that America stands for has been destroyed for political and financial gain. The dumb voters drunk the Ho-rah Gatorade and gave the criminals a blank check, with a promise to pay for their crimes for generations to come. Billions disappeared from taxpayer funds sent to Iraq, billions too disappeared from Iraqi Oil sales, or maybe the crude "Evaporated" as it ran through Haliburton or other US companies hands.

The biggest losers though were the US voters, whose vote was deleted. They have been delegated to slaves of the Republican Masters, who have no say in the running of their lives. They have no healthcare, no decent jobs, and now no vote. And the rednecks who believe I am talking about disenfranchised Blacks better think again. The voting software doesn't differentiate between Black or White, Asian or Hispanic. See what it feels like not to have a vote! And as they drive around in their gas-guzzling Detroit pick up trucks, bitching about no work, the price of gasoline and the death of the local boy who volunteered for Iraq, just consider whose support caused all this, and who turned a blind eye to the obvious fraud of Tom DeLay and the Republican operatives.

The hypocrisy of demanding the US monitor foreign elections, and either confirm the result, or claim it was rigged usually by a military dictator has not been lost on the world, and unless the electorate demands a sweeping, painful and ruthless investigation and punishment of the criminals, then yet another part of the shining beacon of democracy will flicker, dim and die away.

Everyone reading this should do a Google search about voter fraud and become afraid. Become very afraid, or demand action. Few will believing that "This sort of thing just doesn't happen in America" and any criticism is just " A liberal conspiracy theory." I believe politicians who betray their country, along with incompetent military generals, and industry leaders should be executed by firing squad on the National Mall. Hardly a liberal view of responsibility to the Oath they take so casually.

On a realistic level the management of all voting software and removable hardware should be under the control of a unit of the National Security Agency, with the understanding that if they start tinkering one way or another the Director will be court-martialed as a saboteur under wartime regulations.

The security and democracy of the United States has to be protected at all costs, even if it means handing over politicians for trial on war crimes. It's time to clean house.



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