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Bush's D-Day

Washington, DC Nov. 9th, 2006 ---- Watching behind the scenes it was almost a replay of the Normandy Landings on D-Day with Bush playing Hitler. The carefully prepared "impenetrable" defenses, the propaganda, the organization, and the unwavering belief of invincibility. They were all there.

The Democrats didn't win the war, the Republicans lost it, just as the Allies didn't win, Hitler lost. The carefully crafted Republican media messages, multi million dollar campaigns, all had one thing in common. They preached to the electorate, and expected them to obediently follow their Commander in Chief. But the voters wanted a President, not a Commander in Chief. They wanted to see the Checks and Balances they learned about in school, how the Founding Fathers didn't want to see a despotic King George ever again.

Isolated from reality Bush and his top-down advisors could not see the writing on the wall. They ignored the tens of thousands of grumbles being heard by campaign workers in the field. Instead they listened to themselves, and faithfully followed their leaders thousand year Vision. They had been assured by Tom DeLay that the electoral process had been effectively gerrymandered to ensure a permanent Republican majority, and believed the press stories about Karl Rove being the Master Wizard at political manipulation and spin. In all the Republican Firewall, built at extreme expense would hold and repel any invasion of Washington. In fact, like the Atlantic Wall on D-Day it nearly held, but in war and politics nearly doesn't count.

Had the two leaders been in tune with reality, Hitler and Bush, the invasion could have been stopped at the beaches. But they were so out of touch, and so much in control that they didn't act quick enough to repel the invaders.

But let history show that if they had listened to critical advisers, instead of the party faithful, they could have won. Let not the Democrats gloat and sit back on their Laurels, for now they have to come up with visible and tangible progress in the next two years, and fight the 2008 election. In some ways the Democrats would have been better served by not having control of both the House and Senate, for now there is no excuse to not achieve their stated goals before 2008.

Washington has been a very interesting case study in political media this week. Candidates on both sides now have to stop bad mouthing opponents, and start thinking of how they can get the country out of the quagmire. Bush grabbed the headlines by firing Donald Rumsfeld, but still keeping him on as Secretary of Defense until Gates is confirmed. Replacing one Bush 1 faithful with another. When in doubt bring back your father's faithful employees. Gates has as much corruption under his belt as Rumsfeld, and is hardly a break with a lying tradition. What was needed was a fresh, honest leader, not another fabricator of intelligence.

The nation needs to become very aware at what happens in Washington these final weeks of a Dead Duck Congress. They have nothing to lose by ramrodding through extremist legislation, or appointments sent down from the White House. Watch for the extremists in the Bush Administration mount a desperate attempt to get their political agenda into law before the Democrats install their "Checks and Balances". Watch for attempts to invade Iran, or grant Israel massive military concessions to further the failed religious war in the Middle East. The claims of the Administration won't be investigated by Congress till it's too late. Remember this Congress refused either to question, or investigate the lies of the religious extremists of the White House, and tens of thousands of Americans have been killed or injured for their lack of investigation. Congress bears as much responsibility for Bush's Folly as the Neo Conservative White House.

The next two years will be very interesting.



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