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RoveBots Spinning "Winning"

Washington, DC Oct. 19th, 2006 ---- The essential conclusion in military operations is knowing if you are successful, or not. That's how it was for thousands of years. Have you achieved the objective, or failed. Did you win or were forced to surrender.

But that was then, and now, is now. Under a failed, but not time expired Bush Administration the new vision is to develop a variable criteria of what constitutes winning, especially in Iraq. Winning can now be total breakdown and Genocide, even the annihilation of all the US military. Doesn't matter because the RoveBots will spin the result to mean "Winning". It is the ultimate Catch 22, and the more you watch Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld the more Catch 22 seems believable.

The belief that you have won regardless of the outcome is a very appealing concept for politicians. They have realized that 38% of the US voters still believe Bush is going a good job, Saddam had to be overthrown for 9/11 and the Tooth Fairy is real. If half of the voters still can't see reality, let's completely fool them and tell them we won.

The news from Iraq is getting worse every day, and I take no satisfaction in predicting this years ago. We have totally screwed up every part of the invasion and occupation. Not military, for despite some rotten Apples that are being brought to justice the military did everything they were tasked to do. The abysmal failure is with the politicians and administrators. Or put another way, Bush and Cheney Contributors and Supporters. For all the key jobs in reconstruction and rebuilding were not given to experts, but to political cronies who wanted payback. Massive fortunes were made, and the Iraqi public were flushed down the toilet. Not that these people had the welfare of US troops in their plans either, for their actions put the US and UK military at grave risk.

The military brass seem to be fighting Vietnam all over again, developing "FireBases" to hide behind and send patrols out into the enemy occupied land. In fact one General explained this week how the Pentagon wants to fight wars with no casualties, by using drones flown from the US, together with satellite control of the battlefield information. Clearly a Defense Contractor had done a great sales pitch on him! He explained how even North Korea could be attacked by a handful of drones targeting the Nuclear facilities. He had no idea what would happen when the 1.2 million armed North Korean troops crashed across the DMZ and wiped out the 36,000 US troops. That was someone else's problem.

RoveBot Bush on the other hand finds the idea of not turning up for military duty a great idea, one he has already proved the concept. He could sit and watch the Pentagon Video Game on his TV and jump up and down when the missiles disappear down ventilation shafts, or wipe out a Wedding Party in Afghanistan. Who's to know? It was a hit, and scored 100.

Drones are dirt cheap when compared to a tank, or fighter. They are easily launched, many by just throwing them into the air like a kids model aircraft. I wonder how long it will be before a terrorist drone flies down the Mall and into the White House.

Back in Baghdad the poor military must be so confused. Listening to their political leaders they win if they kill the Terrorists, but they also win if they are killed themselves. The reason they are risking their lives is a constantly variable mirage that is so secret even the Commander in Chief doesn't know what it is day to day.

But not to worry by changing the definition of "Winning" to suit the polls, the enemy, whoever they are will be so confused they will not be able to articulate a media message to swing those 38% into realizing the Bush Boys have totally screwed everything up. For by the time Al Jazeera shows their video the definition of "Winning" will have been changed. It's unfortunate that more young men and women who volunteered to serve will be blown up before the chaos can be resolved. For even if the Democrats win every seat in Congress, there will be two more years of chaos, as Bush will still be Commander in Chief and Rumsfeld will still be the Pig Headed Secretary of Defense ordering more troops into the mess.

The US Military can't withdraw any time soon. They have to stay there, or else there will be a bloodbath across the region of epic proportions. Even in 2008 if the Dems sweep the Presidency, Senate and the House, the US can't Vietnamize Iraq, for the economic and geopolitical losses would plunge the United States, and the World into a Depression that would be the Great Depression.

So instead of facing reality we have the RoveBots spinning the definition of "Winning". Put that on a few more thousand headstones in Arlington Cemetery. Stop fooling and start winning, in the classical sense.

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