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Death Sentence For Israel

Washington, DC Oct. 13th, 2006 ---- The crushing defeat of Israel by Hezbollah is just being fully understood by military analysts around the world. The Proxy War between the US Pawn, Israel and the Iranian Pawn, Hezbollah has dramatically destroyed the myth of invincibility of both Israel and America. The next stage will end with either the destruction of Israel, or the emergence of a regionally powerful Israel, but without the United States. As many people are coming to realize the American Military Industrial Complex is no real friend of Israel.

The fact is that Israel needs the Arabs and Muslims, and the Arabs and Muslims need Israel. Neither need the United States in the years ahead.

If North Korea starts a shooting war, which is definitely on the cards, and Washington has the Mother of All Intelligence Failures the Bush will become embroiled in an Asian War which will result in ultimate defeat for the United States on a global scale. The US Military is supreme in fighting a Cold War campaign, and can reign Shock and Awe on anyone, anywhere. But it can't maintain a long drawn out war against many times more armed adversaries, nor effectively hold on to ground after the initial battles. Under 40,000 US military are facing 1.2 million North Korean military who are starving, desperate and have nothing to lose in sweeping across the 49th Parallel.

Not being smart enough to understand Global Scenarios Bush and Cheney believe they can attack Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon through Israel, Iran, and North Korea before they hand over the Administration to the Democrats to sort out, and pay for the mess. They are prepared to leave the US Military high and dry, suffering massive casualties, just to avoid having to say they had flawed policies, mismanagement and gross incompetence in Iraq.

How does that leave Israel? It leaves the small, easily attacked strip of land without it's Big Brother to count on for ammunition, material and money to fight. If America strikes at Iran, then finds North Korea restarts the unfinished Korean War, as an option to starving to death, Israel will have to bear the full retaliation of the entire region.

In desperation Israel is quietly threatening to use it's nuclear arsenal. They may have a couple of hundred Nuclear weapons supplied by Uncle Sam, but if they are buried under tons of broken concrete they are useless. They had better have enough multiple warheads to destroy the entire Hornets Nest on the first strike, otherwise the entire region and the Islamic world will overrun the small country in a human wave of real terror. They will also destroy the world's major Oil supply and economically destroy the United States and China in their folly. The retaliation by China against the United States can only be imagined.

The positive side of the humiliating defeat of Israel is that unlike the amateur politicians in Washington, edged on by the bloated Military Industrial Complex, the Israelis have great abilities of debate, compromise and negotiating skills. Hopefully they will fire the stupid Generals and Politicians, assassinate a few, and save the day. They know their limitations, as they can see the shattered invincible super tanks destroyed by obsolete Hezbollah rockets. The military will demand an early opportunity to go back into Lebanon and win the next war. It will lose. Hopefully the people of Israel will keep them in their barracks and talk.

Unlike the people of Israel the people in America have no say in the decisions to go to war. They are fed so much propaganda, between Football and NASCAR, that they don't understand the global scenarios developing. They have swallowed the NeoCon crap about the War on Terror, and firmly believe whoever Cheney claims is behind 9/11 that week, needs to be destroyed. Of course Cheney is one of the worst crooks ever to hold office, and his personal wealth has sky-rocketed by War Mongering. The people of Israel should be afraid, very afraid. For whilst sending freighters full of weapons, cluster bombs and other Genocide weapons to Israel is part of the US plan, they will never send one soldier, Marine or sailor to fight for Israel, unless of course Israel finds huge Oil reserves under the Orange Groves.

The Bush reaction to North Korea firmly confirms they haven't the first idea of international diplomacy, or how to deal with Dictators who just want a little personal attention. They pander to right leaning Dictators, but refuse to even speak to left leaning ones. Send Kim Jong-il the complete Elvis collection and invite him to Graceland. Have him spend a weekend at the Playboy Mansion, and he will be grateful for ever. Don't ignore him and impose useless sanctions, for he has nothing left to do but invade South Korea.

Likewise Israel needs to reach out to surrounding countries, and please do not destroy all their infrastructure in desperation, and sow explosive terror weapons around their towns and villages as an opening Gambit to negotiations. You will shortly be on your own, and you know how much value the statements of support are that you get from this White House. Bush has pledged that he will defend Israel, Taiwan, Iraq , South Korea, the Gulf States, Saudi Arabia and his own Ass! Guess which one he actually will defend.

Deal or No Deal! The wrong answer is a Death Sentence!

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