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America Deserves Better!

Washington, DC Oct. 9rd, 2006 ---- America is really a friendly and beautiful country, with the vast majority of people peaceful, hard working and friendly. The media of course would like you to believe it's all about Law and Order, CSI and stupid Sitcoms. The Government media people are so warped they don't even attempt to portray the facts, for the perceptions we have of America round the world ensures they can continue their fabricated War on Terror and spend billions with Bush contractors.

The principle of the Bush media advisers is to keep the audiences separated and have them as the only bridge for information and perceptions. Multi million dollar Pentagon contracts ensure a fog of misinformation clouds the world's view of America, and Americans view of the conditions and perceptions around the world.

The Bush Propaganda Machine can count on an army of bigoted and biased talk radio hosts, and academics at think tanks and Public Diplomacy departments of colleges. Very few have actually traveled the world and visited the countries they pontificate about. Their knowledge is derived from books, and Talking Points given to them by political lobbyists.

The problem throughout America is that if he message is fraudulent, and the elected leaders flawed and corrupt, then the whole dream becomes a nightmare. What else is there to believe in if the person who embodies the American Spirit, the Constitution and everything America stands for is a spoilt, lying, deceitful rich kid who doesn't know diddly about global diplomacy, geography or the cultures of the world. Then there is his regard for the Constitution most Americans hold sacred, in his own words "That "G***amn piece of paper."

I have traveled the world many times, and I have criss crossed the United States. Everywhere I stay I am asked for an insiders view of Washington, DC and the real state of affairs. Most people are shocked and appalled at what goes on inside the Beltway. Same applied to the Clinton years!

I have interviewed thousands of people around America, been gladly shown everything from Coal Mines to Orange Groves, from Aviation Schools to Theme Parks. It would take a hundred years to visit every place and establishment people invite us to. I have interrupted many work, calling in with camera crews, or tape recorder. People are pleased to talk about their life and work.

Most are amazed at the extent of my travels, especially for President Reagan, and ask about other cultures. They are amazed at the reality of the world. They are shocked at my stories of fabricating television news by the news networks, and US government employees. Their usual reaction is "What can we believe anymore." and that is the problem. The amateur evangelical advisors in Washington have destroyed the global perceptions so important to the peoples of the world, including Americans.

Few Americans realize that the majority of their Ambassadors and Departmental Heads don't know their Ass from their Elbow, and haven't the first clue of the work they are supervising, leading and influencing. Their sole qualification is that they raised huge amounts for the Bush Campaign, and it's payback time. Unfortunately the Clinton years weren't any better. The interface with the world is in the hands of successful panhandlers!

The American system mirrors the Good Old Days of the British Empire, before all political patronage was outlawed around 1832, no more Rotten Boroughs, Buying Seats, or Ambassadorships. Appointment by qualification and experience prevailed. America is still stuck in the 1800's.

The official US media face is equally flawed, and in global terms downright useless. Top Secret Security Clearances are required to work for the Advertising Agency contracted to influence the media around the world. Only ex CIA, or ex-Military Psy-Ops and propaganda experts need apply, and having something to hide is an added bonus. Any corrupt journalist, even a male prostitute having no journalistic experience, can make big bucks by planting prepared stories, or asking fake questions at News Conferences. Just praise the Commander in Chief, blast the Democrats, and lay the ground for Bush's prepared and practiced answer.

Of course if you ensure the American public is kept in the dark about activities overseas, and the world gets only sensational news feeds from CNN and the other news networks it's hardly surprising the perceptions are on a collision course. CNN will ignore real news to train their cameras on a plane circling a California Airport for hours with a twisted nose wheel, or 24 hour saturated news on the criminal act of the day. One wonders where twisted unbalanced school kids get their ideas to gun down innocent children with Assault Rifles, now legal thanks to by President Bush. They watch the 24 hour news channels. Constantly watching violence breeds violence.

North Korea is playing the US in the global media. Iran is likewise playing the US, so are Al Qaeda and more and more terrorist groups. The perception and image of Americans, as opposed to the US Government is at an all time low. All Americans aren't as obnoxious as loud mouthed JAP's from New York City most of the world sees at tourist sites.

Before more children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters of hardworking Americans are slaughtered and maimed on the whims of amateur, ill informed and corrupt politicians we need change, and to overhaul the entire global perception of what America stands for, and is. If of course America stands for anything any more with the acceptance of harassment, torture, renditions, illegal invasions, and imprisonment without cause, trial or Habeas Corpus.

America, and the great people who built this wonderful country deserve better!




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