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Bush Fails to Deliver in War

Washington, DC Oct. 8th, 2006 ---- The deteriorating situation in Afghanistan and Iraq can be traced down to it's root cause, that of the American invaders failing to deliver what they promised the population. There has been profiteering and fraud of mammoth proportions, and money provided by the US Taxpayer has been siphoned off to Bush/Cheney supporters instead of being used for hospitals, water, sewers, roads and infrastructure, earmarked for rebuilding after destroyed by US "Shock and Awe" bombing. Unlike the US Voters the people in the rest of the world will not accept the lies, failures and fraud by the Bush Administration.

The many people who died fighting the Taliban did so in vain, thanks to the mismanagement of Afghanistan by the United States, and the puppet President Hamid Karsai. Instead of reconstructing Afghanistan the money was redirected to fight Bush's Folly in Iraq. Regarding Iraq the amateur global evangelical politicians advising Bush expected everything in Iraq to take a few weeks, and the repeat of the liberation of France would have Iraqi's lining the streets, thankful for American GI's bringing Nylon Stockings and Chocolate. The bombed out power plants, water treatment plants, sewerage and other critical infrastructure would be replaced, by American Contractors only, within months. All paid for from Oil revenues from the newly seized Oilfields in Iraq under US Military control. There would be enough money available to fix Afghanistan as well. Mud huts can't cost that much to replace.

The windfall profits from all the reconstruction contracts would be beyond the wildest dreams of American companies, a bonanza to add to the huge profits from the Bush Tax Cuts. Of course the "Selected" US Contractors, firm supporters of President Bush, and contributors to Vice President Cheney's retirement fund would be able, should they desire, to employ these local peasants, as low class laborers. Well it didn't quite work out like that!

Having started a war in one country, then moved over to another, and set up a proxy war with the uncontrollable Israel in Lebanon, nobody asked if there was enough money in the Bank to pay for this expensive and dangerous excursion. Don't worry said the evangelical dreamers, borrow $1,000,000,000,000 from Communist China. Take credit for the victory, and leave the invoice to our children and grandchildren to pay. The American people can be distracted with talk of Late Term Abortion, Flag Burning and Same Sex Marriage.

In the meantime the people of Afghanistan, and now Iraq are sitting in the dark, unemployed watching the sewerage collect in the streets, streams and rivers. The fragments of the million dollar laser guided bombs still lying around the burned out power plants and looted hospitals. For the record the Olympic class Swimming pool, the ornamental gardens and the Saddam Hussein's Palaces within the "Green Zone' in Baghdad has been repaired and refurbished to be enjoyed by American contractors, diplomats and military in record time. It was essential that Ambassador Paul Bremmer's people could bask in opulent luxury as they bank their windfall income in Cayman and other banking centers.

Back in Afghanistan there was no food, the War Lords were coming back, with even more power as they began replanting the Poppy crops, destroyed by the Taliban. The many investigative reports of CIA and Bush involvement in the Drug trafficking make good reading. But for the people they were like their distant neighbors in Iraq, the money to rebuild the power plants used for target practice had been allocated by Congress, and had been absorbed by US "Selected" Contractors as "Security" and "Management Costs", little actually being spent on reconstruction. Meantime the War Lords ran rampant around the countryside, and Fashion conscious Hamid Karsai paraded around Washington in his latest Green Curtains. He dare not, and does not visit the people outside of heavily defended population centers, so he stays in Kabul designing his next outfit.

The end result is a totally disgusted, betrayed population who long for the "Good Old Days" of the Taliban and Saddam Hussein. No bombings, foreign military checkpoints, hundreds of thousands of trigger happy contractors treating the locals like dirt. Just order and a simple life. The occasional beating and execution of dissidents far better than the daily massacre of civilians, and the constant American bombing and military occupation. Having your front door kicked in, and the family humiliated in the streets get's old, even if they are looking for Al Qaeda. Six months, a year maybe, but this grinding routine in the hands of occupying foreigners get's old after three years, with no end in sight. As the defense contractors and Haliburton ride around running the locals off the road, taking pot shots at anything they like, gets to be an irritation waiting for hours, pushing a battered old car to the filling station to beg for Petrol.

The population begins to recall the days of spectacular parades and feasts praising Saddam, and riding around in a new Mercedes. In the Afghanistan villages the incoming rounds from NATO forces to take out a sniper makes them wonder, why are Poland, Belgium, Greece, and Liechtenstein firing on the village. Who is that soldier nobody can understand searching that woman for guns, without her husbands permission. Why did the planes bomb the place of worship because somebody fired shots at the soldiers from Europe? Who else is going to occupy us next, Nigeria and Kenya?

In other words the promises made to the people of Afghanistan and Iraq have been broken, and a chunk of the money diverted to Bush sympathizers. That is normal in America, where broken promises by greedy politicians are accepted without complaint, but the "Simple" people of Afghanistan and Iraq expect promises to be kept. They should have asked the people of Saigon and the farmers across Vietnam, who are still being blown up by hidden cluster bombs, and feeling the after effects of Agent Orange. Interesting that Bush has asked Henry Kissinger for advice. Watch for carpet bombing of Jordan, Egypt and Turkey if Kissinger get's a say.

Wouldn't it be nice if we had politicians in Washington who respected people, their right to life and liberty , and actually carried out their promises.


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