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It's Still Propaganda & Lies!

Washington, DC. Oct. 7th, 2006 ---- It seems like an eternity when we looked at our studio monitors watching Baghdad Bob spinning his misinformation about the war in Iraq. The statements got more ridiculous as the situation deteriorated It was obvious to us all that the US Military were driving at breakneck speed towards the Iraqi capital, and their gunfire was probably within earshot of the Ministry of Information studio. How could this lying SOB get up there and spew forth such BS without flinching. What a joke!

These days we look at the multiple monitors tuned to the network TV news broadcasts and see the same skills being demonstrated by Vice President Cheney, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, and the ultimate comedic turn President Bush. Yet you can interview thousands of faithful followers believing their pronouncements, just as the faithful Iraqi's believed the message from Baghdad Bob. How we have learned from the Iraqi Propaganda machine, and how technologically advanced we are. We have no need for all those microphones, aren't we smart!

Yet the fact is the Bush Administration has drifted into behaving just like Baghdad Bob, and spews forth unrelenting propaganda and lies. I know many hard line Republicans, who firmly believe that the pill-popping Rush Limbaugh is the fountain of all knowledge and the Democrats are evil, but a lie is a lie, and propaganda is propaganda. Many Republicans when hearing of the Bush lies have been conditioned to respond with Monica Lewinsky and Clinton's lies. Yes he lied, but with Hilary as a wife wouldn't you. Smart lady, but what a temper! Fact is nobody died because of Clinton's cigar.

The lies about the Secret Prisons have been forgotten and forgiven by the evangelical followers of Bush. It's alright to torture and murder Muslims, the Christian Evangelicals like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell allow that sort of thing. But when it comes to sending suggestive emails then that is different. The maximum force of the law should come down. Dual standards again.

North Korea, and Iran must not be allowed to have nuclear weapons, and must not be allowed to buy armaments. Israel is given hundreds of weapons, and cluster bombs and allowed a vindictive carpet bombing of civilian areas on the lame excuse that Hezbollah were hiding behind a Lemon tree in the Orchards. Dual standards again.

Most journalist were surprised when Tony Snow moved from Fox to the propaganda podium in the White House. They should not have been, it's the same message. We are right, Democrats are evil, and the world is against us.

Mission accomplished, Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, no secret prisons, no rendition flights, Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11, no secret deals with Oil companies, no special deals with Haliburton, and on and on........

The gullible electorate have been quickly convinced by the web of collaboration from the Talk radio crowd, or Ralph Read and his evangelical extremists, all guaranteed to quell discussion, debate and make millions for those manipulating the American public. The United States does not have a Ministry of Propaganda, it has K Street, a whole cluster of media message manipulation.

Hey, what does it matter. It has been going on for years, look at the lies and intrigue in the Continental Congress, even how George Washington became the military leader. The problem is that except for John Hancock few got upset about George Washington, but today billion get upset and retaliate. We need to act much, much smarter than Baghdad Bob. But to achieve that goal you must respect your audience. It is well known that both Karl Rove and Baghdad Bob had absolutely no respect for their audience, a trait very common in Washington. Remember Abramoff referring to the Indian tribes as Monkey's, and you have Allen referring to Asian Indians as Macacas! Sadly that arrogant lack of respect and contempt for the voters is endemic to politics inside the Beltway.

What amazes me is that the anger over stupid emails has prompted the right wing to action, yet the lies about the growing slaughter of their children on the killing fields of Iraq had them cheering. The American public need to start watching the media messages more closely, before tens of thousands more are killed and maimed protecting the Bush/Cheney oilfields of Iraq, sorry searching for hidden weapons of mass destruction. Or was it building democracy? Or stopping the majority Shiites taking power and leaning towards their brothers in Iran. Can't have the voters in Palestine, Lebanon or Iraq voting for the candidates they want. They must vote for our approved candidates, acceptable to a ruling elite thousands of miles away.

The next lies will be the Vietnamization of Iraq, where the US military protects the vital Oil fields and pipelines, and trains the Iraq military to handle the civil war, caused by Bush not having the slightest clue about geopolitical forces in the area before he let Rumsfeld loose to show the world "Shock and Awe".

I look forward to seeing the techniques used by the propaganda machine to make this happen. Maybe that is why Bush has called for the advice of Henry Kissinger. But this is the entire Middle East, and the bulk of the world's Oil supply in play. It isn't a load of peasant Rice farmers in a distant Asian country that can easily be discarded. They have the money, will and resources to strike hard at the soft underbelly of America, for years and years to come.

If the lives of your children and grandchildren count, make your voice and vote count. No more lies and propaganda!


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