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PageGate and GOP Pedophilia

Washington, DC Oct. 4th, 2006 ---- About two years ago a well known Washington Investigative Journalist held us all in amazement with his revelations of Pedophilia and underage sex parties attended by many well known political figures, prominent in Washington GOP politics.

The sheer scope of the "Child Sex Rings" were explained in details, as were the deep involvement of White House personnel. Most of us were a little skeptical about the revelations, as surely the FBI would also know, and would have taken action long before now. The response was the FBI and Secret Service knew, as did the Republican Leadership and were protecting these Child Molesters. I must admit it seemed a little far fetched.

This week some named in that Child Sex Scandal discussion were either admitting their guilt, for lesser crimes, or running for cover or their spin doctors. I stress "For lesser Crimes" as the immediate resignation and whisking off to a convenient Rehab Clinic for treatment, and away from the media, and questions was to protect the Washington Establishment, and not as part of a Biblical Guilt Trip.

This week, with much more insight into Washington than the average gagged and fettered mainstream reporter I am amazed that the Child Molesters have been able to keep it quiet for so long. But they took a page out of the Catholic Church Playbook, if you pardon my pun.

The extent of the moral corruption would normally be contained by a strong White House and Congressional leadership, blaming it on the media and the party seeking to regain power. But what is interesting is that it is the moral Evangelical Christian basis of the Republicans power that are the most disgusted and outraged at what little they have heard so far. They will demand the resignation of all the culprits, and the leadership who covered up, or participated in the Child Sex Rings. The Democrats need only to sit back and watch the purging of the GOP leadership.

The GOP spin machine will either fight back or decide that they have nothing to gain at this late stage in the Bush Administration and throw the Congressional wrong doers to the wolves. This would time-out the media coverage as the November elections grabs the public interest. THis would also protect those in the White House alleged to be involved in these, and other deviant sex activities.

The other avenue being discussed is the firing of staffers of the Congressional leaders to take the heat off elected leaders. This would backfire as the staffers know of many more emails than have been exposed on network news. The emails I have seen are far more damming than those referred to by CNN and the news networks. Most could not be read or displayed on US television for fear of massive fines levied by the same Congress and Administration guilty of the Child Sex Scandal. I will not go any further as many ISP's will block this page, or site for using unacceptable pornographic material.

The spin machine is in full gear to make this story go away, and many thousand favors are being called in to block any further investigation. Unfortunately this scandal has been too well documented, and widespread to cover up.

The Bush Administration and GOP machine have been World Class Masters at covering up scandals that in an open democratic country would have brought down the government. The Tom DeLay, Abramoff , Grover Norquist and Ralph Read manipulation of the electoral and democratic process not to mention the fleecing of the Native American tribes, and support of Chinese sex slaves living and working under disgusting sweat shop conditions, would have toppled any other Western Government. Unfortunately the United States is not a democracy, and the political terrorists have found a way of manipulating the Constitution, for their own ends and for profit.

Why then should their power base be up in arms for corrupting the young boys who serve them as Congressional Pages. It's just business as usual in the dirty game of GOP politics. Time for change, and a complete clean out of the GOP.


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