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Military-Industrial Implosion Inevitable

Washington, DC Oct. 3rd, 2006 ---- Since the hysteria surrounding 9/11 military spending and military adventurism without carefully thought out goals and consequences have run riot. The Bush Administration, aided by a useless and totally submissive Congress have spent and committed finite military resources to foolhardy and counter productive imperial expeditions not seen since the days of the mighty, and now fallen Empires.

The problem is it is totally unsustainable and can only have two end games, defeat and withdrawal or global world war. The profiteering motive by the Bush advisors has stretched the military-industrial driven War on Terror long past it's "Sell by" date. This has to be measured in the long term against the desire of the voters for healthcare and education, versus fighting in some far off foreign land.

If there were no other forces at work, and the United States had an inexhaustible supply of raw materials, production facilities, skilled manpower and funding, then the scenario that existed in 1942 would apply. The United States really was the Superpower and could dictate terms and supply contracts to every nation. And they did!

As late as the 1991 Gulf War, the cost of the invasion was paid by the rest of the world and the United States made a handsome profit. But the invasion of Iraq was Bush's Folly, and the invoices are the responsibility of the United States alone. Fortunately for Bush the Bank of China Credit Card gave him the opportunity to pass the real costs onto the next poor sucker who resides in the White House. Bush is a career expert at that.

The military responded to the call to fight and threw everything into the battle. The intelligence community, now part of the Military-Industrial Complex was carefully reorganized to always be a servant of the military thinkers. Private military contractors were introduced at all levels to ensure the machine either operated as military, or ground to a halt. It's no longer the intelligence for the people, but for the Board and Shareholders of the Defense Contractors. Profit trumps national interests.

There is one glaring fault line in this Military-Industrial Society. People!

The population of the United States, let's call then Voters, is both aging and being diluted by the influx of massive immigration. Not immigration of engineers, skilled artisans and tradespeople, as occurred in the earlier immigration periods, but low skilled manual workers. Nothing wrong with being a low skilled manual worker, they are essential to any modern society, but they do not create a quantum leap in technologies, or capital as occurred in earlier European immigrations. They do require healthcare, and as families are much larger, massive spending on education and support infrastructure. The Baby Boomers are the other problem, these 79,000,000 too require heavy investment in health care and of course Social Security payments.

When you look at the true immigration figures, including children, dependents, and workers the number is around 100,000,000 far more than the government would have us believe. Add that to the 79,000,000 Baby Boomers and we have a population of nearly 200 million people needing expensive services. The choice for government is either Healthcare and Education or Bombs and Tanks!

Look for a minute at the bloated, inefficient and failing Intelligence Community. It costs $42,000,000,000 a year to run, with tens of billions more in hidden budgets. The military machine, losing the overall war in Iraq, and handing over to anybody from NATO in Afghanistan is falling apart as the machinery of war wears out from the extreme conditions in the Middle East. The Army needs a new set of everything, including personnel.

The public sees attacks on the streets, shootings in peaceful high schools, little old ladies starving to death because they can't afford medication, and herds of illegal immigrants sweeping across Texas, as far as the eye can see. At the same time $42,000,000,000 is spent on an intelligence community that can't find Bin Laden, screwed up every major conflict since World War II and is constantly on the Hill defending their latest "Intelligence Failure". Now they are part of the military service industry, with the Top Secret tag.

I mention the Top Secret tag for one reason only, they have lost the ability to work with the media and publicize their successes.They are now part of the overall military failure, for thanks to political mismanagement of the military we have a repeat of the failures we saw in Vietnam.

The chances are the democrats will win both the House and the Senate. It's theirs to win or lose, and knowing the extent of Republican Scandals being kept off the front pages, they probably will win both. Then the extent of cover ups and accounting fraud will be revealed, and they should sweep the General Election too. Their agenda then must be social change, with healthcare the priority.

There isn't enough discretionary spending to do military adventures, and look after the population, totally fed up of years of Bad News war. The axe will come down and the empires will collapse. The Bush fanatics see the Invasion of Iran as the only hope of maintaining their lucrative War on Terror. Iran knows this, and Bush has just made Iran a Virtual Superpower. For Iran and Iran alone controls the fate of the world. Having achieved this fame Iran can step back from developing nuclear bombs for a couple of years, make a deal with Shia Iraq and watch the American Military-Industrial Complex implode.

The US voters will chose Healthcare instead of threats against Israel, and all those Top Secret servants of the Great Satan will be out looking for service jobs, for all manufacturing has been lost to China. We have spent far too many resources and time chasing mirages in the sand.

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