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Washington, DC Sep. 29th, 2006 ---- Earlier this week President Bush sat down to a private dinner with the Presidents of Pakistan and Afghanistan to clear the air and try and get all three reading from the same page. The United Nations just closed a global meeting of world leaders with working breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Food and global geopolitics are inseparable. The European monarchies are masters at bringing people together and impressing them with elegant and spectacular State Banquets.

In the real world of intelligence the understanding of national cuisine, culture and the traditions of food and drink are essential to understanding how and why people react. Without understanding these culinary traditions it is impossible to understand the people, their history, or their reactions to events.

One of the finer points of learning how to write Spy Genre plots for Hollywood is that every great spy movie usually revolves around food and drink. Have you ever considered that the easiest way to trip up a spy is to ask him about local food? Far more people can tell you what James Bond drinks than the favorite beverage of George Bush.

It came as a surprise to many that I developed the Chef's projects to better understand the Tastes of the World, and the national cuisines that have developed, and been developed by peoples around the world. Each country, tribe, or group has a lifestyle that reflects their values and traditions. Ignore these and you will never understand them, or they you. The same applies to leisure. It speaks volumes about the people.

My support of struggling regions of exceptional culinary tradition is clearly documented around the web, my support of New Orleans, and the traditions of Cajun and Creole cooking, developed through generations of toil and history. Same with Barbecue from the remote areas of the deep south.

Chef's Studio brings together the Tastes of the World, and the Weekend Chef project explores food and drinks from the far corners of the world for themed entertaining at weekends. For those wanting intrigue, suspense and adventure with their meal we have the famous Spies Cafe, shortly to be expanded and extended to cities beside Washington, DC. Here we feature a leading author or expert in the dark world of espionage and intelligence, suspense, intrigue and good food.

But when you stop and consider it, Geopolitical Intelligence covers global leisure, global food and drinks just as much as it does Political Intelligence. For world leaders make a much better job of peace and conflict when they sit down and enjoy a meal together. That is the reason for having thousands of years of State Banquets. Which is why we spend so many enjoyable evenings at the Embassies and cultural events of Washington and the United Nations in New York.

Today more than ever we need to understand the diverse cultures of the world, before it's too late. The problem is that too many US representatives think only in Burgers and Fries. They consider girls in skimpy bikinis on South Beach as the standard for enjoying leisure. You could threaten them that you will "Bomb them back into the Stone Age" but when the book comes out you would have wished you had taken them out and won them over with diplomacy.

The same applies to international sales representatives of US corporations, they dare not embrace the cultures they seek to influence. Without understanding the tastes of that culture, their traditions, it's near impossible to influence them with your often progressive plans.

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