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Analyzing Biased Political News

Washington, DC. Sep. 28th, 2006 -- Many Competitive Intelligence start-ups ask which TV cable network we use to obtain our news from here in Washington, DC. The answer is all and none. Yes we monitor the networks and foreign broadcasts off satellite, but we also input around 3000 news sources and web sites for breaking news, and use original sources for confirmation, and for future projections. That can be an overwhelming amount of raw data, but as usually only a handful of issues break at the same time it becomes manageable.

Cable news channels are becoming very biased in their reporting, and leave out many key issues that do not fit in with their political philosophy. The choice of opinionated, if not often correct guests, can skew the analysis, which is exactly what it's supposed to do.

The best source of course is around the National Press Club, and the many briefings open only to accredited journalists. Get to know the key players, don't drop them in it, and they ensure valued advance information before the huge staffs of the cable news channels get to it.

The problem of media bias, planted stories, disinformation and reporter malfeasance is a serious problem with today's media. The huge bribes available to write a false story about the war in Iraq, or Bush's policies has become one of the most serious issues the media does not want to discuss or face. The low wages being paid to reporters, compared to the huge expense accounts and salaries of publicists, spin-merchants and political lobbyists make bribery a tempting choice for a struggling reporter in high-cost Washington, or New York. Even the big national dailies, with so called "Watertight" rules on influencing reporters have fallen foul to fabrication.

With television it is even worse, for the absolute garbage coming out of the mouths of "Talking Heads" invited on to many of the supposedly news programs is really amazing. The lies and slurs fly thick and furious and can't readily be retracted or denied. Few of the ratings-seeking anchors ever question their guests, or ask where is the proof, especially if the misinformation suits the network management views of perceived values. By far the worst is Fox, and CNN isn't much better, needing to convince itself that it is the most trusted network for news every few minutes, even though there is no real proof of that statement.

Washington is often called "Spy City" and to create a verifiable accurate scenario you have to move around the shadows, whispering into well informed ears, and getting their "Off the Record" background insights. If new entrants to the world of Corporate Intelligence, or news for that matter, thinks these sources will ever pick up the telephone, or send an e-mail, they are crazy.

After a while you get a news release, usually through the 3000 or so internet and newswire sources, and the immediate thought is that something doesn't exactly fit, or sound right, then usually the primary sources have the real reason the public statement was made. Washington politicians make great Magicians, for they are experts at getting audiences to watch one hand, as they pick their pockets with the other.

Corporations should be watching the breaking news coming out of Washington very closely these days, for by a single unchallenged decision the profitability, or existence of many businesses could evaporate, especially those with a global supply chain.

Competitive Intelligence departments should be watching carefully as laws, rules, regulations and decisions are made in the next two years to enable key people to move over into corporations benefiting from those decisions. If your primary sources are your lobbying people be warned, they have a horse in this race and may be moving too.

The United States has been a corrupt "Winner take All" game since before the signing of the Declaration of Independence created it. Washington, DC has winners, and losers, not winners and "Those who came in close behind and deserve a voice". But if anything it is more open than any other national capital, and with the right connections, contacts and OSINT feeds you can develop a fairly accurate scenario, and after a while can develop Predictive Intelligence to project the consequences. Unfortunately politicians are here for a few short years and have to make their riches quickly, without worrying about facts, accuracy or authenticated information. I would like to tell you more but that is classified, to stop the public finding out. Just pay your taxes and keep quiet!

Sad, but that's the news from Washington, DC. Now, shhh this is what's really going on..................

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