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America is Imploding

Washington, DC Sep. 25th, 2006 ---- Had someone told me during the Reagan Years that within twenty years another Republican Administration would stall this great nation and begin imploding the global Empire I would not have believed them. It took the other great Empires centuries to implode, but Bush and his greedy team have ensured America will go in decades. Clinton helped set the stage, but the folly of Boy George undid what had taken the Founding Fathers and the Entrepreneurs centuries to build in just a few short years.

To the average dumbed down suburbanite it isn't obvious. They faithfully watch football games on every channel, and enjoy more than half local news of interviews with barely literate multi-millionaire ball players, complete with the required large diamond earrings. As a monument to sport the Superdome is open today. Most of the 9th Ward is without power or water, and the desolation is overwhelming. But the money making Ball Game is back on, complete with Pop Concert. Emperor Nero would have been proud! The Mississippi and New Orleans Casinos were repaired first, long before the Hospitals and Utilities. Americans need the Poker Tournaments and gambling, but can live without healthcare.

The local Ford dealer, and the GM one too, has big powerful SUV's as far as the eye can see. New sub divisions of flimsy plastic houses sprout up everywhere, in some cases a million dollars for plastic clad cavernous dwellings that have a life expectancy of less than the occupants. Contrast them to the rickety old trucks bring team after team of Mexicans around the neighborhood to cut the grass and make Utopia neat and tidy. The supermarket, with it's bright lights and blaze of color is packed with processed foods, instant breakfasts and pre-prepared meals necessary to gulp down between Soccer practice and the other team pursuits. Forget Math and Geography the goal is to be able to afford those diamond earrings of the ball player stumbling over his words on TV.

The economy is booming. Tens of thousands more were put out of work as more factories and production jobs move offshore. But don't despair, tens of thousands make a living selling junk on eBay, where the old toys in the attic could be someone's collectible dream. The lottery is up to $100,000,000 and there is a new Casino opening next week.

Spend, spend, spend for if the spending stops, the Merry-go-round will crash for it's all an illusion. Of course the merry-go-round will keep going for some time through inertia, but bits and people will start to fly off at an ever increasing rate pulled by external events, and internal neglect of infrastructure maintenance. The money fuelling the invasion of Iraq and the military excursions around the world, hidden from the American people has to come from somewhere. The voters, busy watching the many ball games on TV, don't notice every federal budget has been quietly stripped. True there are noble pronouncements of millions or even billions allocated to relief and rebuilding projects, and after the news conferences, talking heads on the news shows, and political speeches little actually gets spent. The voting public have been conned again, allocated is a Washington pipe dream. There isn't any real money to spend, but lots of intentions to allocate.

Every week I hear politicians talk about the superiority of American technology, usually through a Chinese made PA system, to be recorded by mainly Chinese TV equipment, with Japanese labels. I meet these technology geniuses, usually with names like Wong, Pi, Lee and Chow, or in the software field with names like Pataki, Pradesh or Ghandi. It's not like the Reagan days in Washington, as the gang wars are keeping many off the streets, and if you like watching murders and muggings then stray a few yards off the main streets. But Bush believes, with his massive Secret Service and Police protection that America is safer than it was before he took office. Of course we do not talk about the deteriorating crime, and the Black and Hispanic gangs for this is racist hate talk. Like Monty Python we must include the 80 year old Grannies terrorising the retirement homes too.

There has been predictions of the demise of the United States for generations, but waves of hard working skilled immigrants from Europe and the Far East, who came over learned the language and customs and worked all hours enabled the country to reinvigorate and reinvent itself. Today we see the flood of low skilled immigrants from the South, demanding a share of the benefits, demanding the services and lifestyle, without wanting to learn the language or customs and demanding the United States changes to be like them. Why should I learn English, you learn Spanish? Police must be bilingual or it's discriminating. Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian don't count as bi lingual, only Spanish!

The pillars of creative expansion have been replaced by a massive core of entitlement and demand on the stretched resources being leeched to pay for Bush's Folly in the Middle East. If this flood was 5 -10,000,000 people over a generation this country could absorb it, but it's nearer 100,000,000 over the next generation, if you include children, dependents and family members who come along to enjoy the ride. Where are the skills to support this influx, especially as jobs are being exported. How will they add to the engine that powers this country.

I upset a deeply religious reporter when a Mexican woman argued that she couldn't cope with eight children on what her husband earned as a laborer in a landscape business. I commented that she needed contraception and social responsibility not government handouts! The Catholic and Hispanic journalist was appalled and called me a Racist. How dare I question her religious beliefs, and her right to bear as many children as God provided her.

We are under fire around the world for military excursions without thought or planning. We are under fire at home for not giving everything to those that come here illegally and want to steal our assets. The religious extremists on all sides are pulling the nation apart with hate, from Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson to the Ayatollahs and Mullahs around the world.

Something has to snap soon, or the whole lot will implode. I don't have confidence in Boy Blunder to do anything other than attack Iran and make matters worse. What does he care, born with a Silver foot in his mouth he will retire to his 2000 acre protected Ranch in Texas and ride his mountain bike around and around. He needs illegal immigrants to clear the brush so he doesn't scratch himself as he falls off once in a while. But when he does he doesn't have to worry about medical bills like everyone else.

Using Mel Brook's line "It's Great to be King!"

Anyone want to put bet's on when China make a grab for the SuperPower title?

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