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Clinton 1 Wallace 0

Washington, DC Sep. 24th., 2006 ---- The pathetic propaganda and self-opinionated Sunday political talk shows were given a new lease of excitement when former President, Bill Clinton put the snotty little Chris Wallace to shame and really made him look stupid!

Of course that in itself is no great achievement as Fox News is about as far down the toilet bowl as journalism can get without actually being in the sewer system. But the brain dead beer swigging right wingers love the rabble rousing rhetoric of beating the crap out of everyone and anyone. The modern day version of the rabble around the Guillotine.

Wallace may have forgotten, if he ever knew in the first place, that for most of Clinton's Presidency Bin Laden was a family friend of the Bush's and the same right wing rabble that are pointing fingers were the ones tying Clinton in knots with the Monica Lewinsky travesty. The cacophony of false allegations, charges, and wasted irrelevancies were the hall mark of Newt Gingrich and the Karl Rove propaganda machine. Yes Clinton was a prize Ahole in lying to the world, but a stupid affair wasn't worth 1% of the hoopla whipped up by the pill popping, cocaine sniffing right wing radio talk show hosts. The same hosts who have let Bush off the hook for ruining the lives of over 20,000 US military, killed, maimed or injured after a totally unwarranted invasion of a collapsing sovereign country, at the command of Israel.

Had the Bush team been so infuriated at the lack of success in attacking Bin Laden, they would have been after him as soon as they were in office. Nine months later they still hadn't done diddly when 9/11 forced their hand.

But what is more important with this interview is it should be the template of dealing with the bigoted, biased, generation of news anchors, who believe their opinion to be more important than their guest's. Then of course there is Katie Couric, who is too busy looking for fluff pieces to talk to that scruffy little man from Persia, oh sorry Iran.

Earlier this week President Mahmmoud Ahmadinejad laid out CNN's Anderson Cooper, in what what was a slanted, biased "All About Poor Little Israel" questioning. Where as Fox is the ultra-conservative Bush-walks-on-water Network CNN has become the Jewish News Channel and has to repeat every few seconds that it is the world's most trusted news network, probably to convince it's anchors as well as the declining audience. Cooper had the opportunity to ask Ahmadinejad about the nuclear program, potential for invasion, insurgency in Iraq, or what will happen when Bush foolishly orders the bombing campaign. No Cooper asked about the Holocaust and Ahmadinejad alleged to state it didn't happen. His response that he said it didn't happen in Palestine, but in Europe, so why should Israel be created on Palestine lands, and not as part of Europe should have been the end, then on to important future events, not those from half a century ago. Keeping on and on, Ahmadinejad pointed, correctly, that over 60,000,000 civilians were killed, why are we only focusing on one group.

With World War III on the cards, in the form of some modern day Crusades, with millions dying if nuclear weapons become involved, Cooper showed the limited focus of today's CNN by harping on and on about the Holocaust. Cooper treated his guest with no respect, or journalistic ability for the benefit of his audience. Consider the outrage, and Coopers career if he asked Bush about drug use and all the other illegal activities of his younger days. Firstly Bush would never allow questions, and only does staged puff pieces with selected "Safe" anchors.

There is more pressing information we need from the President of Iran. And with President Clinton the interview request was made on a lie, and he came to talk about his current work, not be a whipping boy for the right wing rabble. We need feedback from his trips around the world, and his many meetings at the UN. Bush didn't do diddly when he was there, and his diplomatic skills are less than a retarded Chimpanzee. We desperately need Slick Willy to do his charm on the UN Delegates and report back.

We need Investigative Journalists, not compliant Reporters, who take the carefully crafted statements and releases and pass them on to their audiences. The risks are too high these days, and the day is fast approaching when the US public realize they have been manipulated, lied to and dumped with the check. In the meantime watch the entertainment we used to know as news, and wait for Judgment Day when there is a flash, a bang and everything goes black. It won't be the second coming of Christ, just a terrorist bomb.


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