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Washington, DC Sep. 23rd, 2006 ---- The least understood aspect of Competitive Intelligence by Corporate Intelligence Managers is the relationship of Political Intelligence and Media Intelligence to their company. More and more centralization of power is occurring, and the smallest decision or comment here in DC precipitates untold actions across America and worldwide. How many Competitive Intelligence Analysts have looked at the effects of Hilary Clinton becoming President in a back-lash to the events in the closing months of Bush/Cheney? It could happen.

I ask many of the young analysts about both political and media, and most seem to think political criticism should be done in private, and the media is liberal and the cause of all the nations woes. The reason most US companies are in trouble, or facing unseen troubles is precisely the fault of this attitude. It is akin to two warriors of old fighting with sword and shield. If they are stood facing each other in a field, they have to watch each other. If they are on a rock, they have to watch each other, and their balance. If they both move onto quicksand all the military technology, training and tactics in the world will be wasted, for their only concern is to save themselves. That is Geopolitical Intelligence, and the United States is moving onto swampy ground, with many patches of quicksand around.

Many admit they dare not look at the negative, often catastrophic effects political intelligence may have on their company, usually because the key executives are active in politics themselves. In many cases they are devout Cheney/Rumsfeld followers and believe everything from the Republicans, and nothing from the Liberal Media. Many company executive dismiss any negative reports as "Democratic Negative Politics in the run up to an election." They also dismiss any negative global scenario as unpatriotic and politically motivated.

I know when I repeatedly slammed Ambassador Paul Bremmer and his handling of Iraq I was almost run out of Washington as a Traitor, a Communist and Conspiracy Monger. Now everything has been proved correct the same people suggest my analysis affected the fighting ability of the troops and helped Al Qaeda. Needless few of these idiots have ever been in the military and understand the fighting ability of those who served. But Bremmers world-class mismanagement has repercussions that will eventually reach every shop, plant and office in America. Nearer home the many committee, departmental and regulatory appointments given to evangelical, inexperienced and loyal Bush Supporters will eventually smear their grime over the best laid business plan. The Democrats have done the same over the years, but now the slack is no longer there the mess is immediate and far reaching.

Washington too has given it's legislative powers over to the Lobbyists in return for billions of dollars in bribes. A term in Congress is the quickest way to becoming a millionaire, especially on the right wing of the Republican Party. Again the Democrats are corrupt as well, but they tend to promote issues and causes, not their Cayman Island Bank Accounts.

In the world of global Satellite Intelligence the facts presented are easily verified. If there is 10 amps flowing at a voltage of 10 volts any engineer would question an output of 10 watts. It just is impossible. But in the political statements of Washington, to industry and the public the output can vary between minus to plus, and in every value they want to fit their agenda. In other words lying has become endemic in the Nation's Capital and urgently needs massive surgery to remove the growth before it kills the whole body.

Analysts need to look further than their Google searches to try and understand the body politic and if it is offering a field for their battles, or destroying that field and making quicksand.

There are Competitive Intelligence companies out there, many with fat lucrative government contracts they dare not put in jeopardy by uttering negative words about those who fill their trough. Having a whole string of retired Directors on board looks good on paper, but may kill a nimble, investigative intelligence provider. I have never met a retired CIA officer, with corporate aspirations, who thinks bad, less speaks bad about even the illegal travesties of their former employer. Massacres and war crimes are always someone else's fault.

I don't like the future projections I see daily, and they get worse. I hope Competitive Intelligence Analysts are looking at the same trends, and scenarios and not listening to the Executive Vice President who wants the Republican Party Nomination for a seat on the School Board.


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