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Freedom to Protest in the USA

Washington, DC Sep. 22nd, 2006 ---- It may seem that there is little to shout about on the political front in the United States, and to listen to the liberals the country is already a Police State. Well this week I was walking from the Mall to past the White House in Washington and there, as a monument to the extraordinary rights we take for granted in the United States, was an entire tented demonstration against Bush, including a very large sign and inflated "Pinocchio Bush" with his growing nose.

The very large sign seen above was part of Camp Cindy and was directly across from the White House, behind The Department of Commerce, and next to the Washington Monument.

I had just come from an event at the Senate Russell Building, with Senator Hilary Clinton, and bumped into many of the nations Congressional leaders. Senator Joe Biden said Hello, and as we walked the corridors of power, unescorted, even stopping for a photo shoot (see on the left) everyone was very pleasant. Try that in most countries! There were no women being stoned to death for speaking to strangers, or being gang raped for offending their husband, and no Religious Police beating the crap out of businessmen for giving a female Secretary a lift in a car before throwing him in jail and deporting him for "Offending Allah".

The Washington community knows I believe President Bush to be Boy Blunder, and Cheney "Dr. Evil " and Rumsfeld "Dr. Death" . In fact I have laughed about it with senior members of their staffs, some even putting their hands into their pockets to buy a round. The Intelligence Community have been blasted on numerous occasions, yet still discuss global scenarios and events that shape the world. My criticism of the Catholic Church, or The Church of Pedophilia has irritated many clergy, but none demanded my death, or brutal stoning in the Marketplace. I even surveyed the Vatican on behalf of the last Pope, to explore the siting of satellite facilities. Only Marconi before me had the honor to be asked, and he at least was Catholic.

So before we get things too far out of perspective let us understand that we may believe George W. Bush to be the most useless, corrupt and destructive President in the history of the United States, but I would eat his Burgers and Fries at the White House and listen to what he says any day. I can't stand the thought of Hilary Clinton in the White House, but she was very charming at a reception this week, and I watched closely from less than a yard away as she worked the reception. A great political operator, but totally dangerous in the White House. That is the difference between America and the Islamic voices being raised in anger.

Many years ago I was surveying the US Embassy and Consulates in Morocco and in the lobby of the hotel I asked an Embassy official if we could find out what interference, if any the Royal Palace had on their satellite dishes, used by the King. Within minutes I was surrounded by armed police and screaming secret police with guns drawn asking how dare I ask questions about the King. Fortunately the Embassy Official was still around and he prevented them throwing me in prison for discussing the King in public.

In Pakistan I was invited to watch a young woman being stoned to death for saying the equivalent of "Good Morning" to a stranger without her husbands permission. In Peshawar and Karachi it was one murderous event after another. Saudi Arabia I would Nuke tomorrow, and fry all their religious hypocrisy. Dual standards make it a terrible joke. In London the same people who demanded friends be executed for "Offending Allah" were screwing all the Prostitutes they could get, and guzzling as much expensive Scotch as the body could handle.

And as regards President Hugo Chavez, I very much doubt if you can smell Sulfur left over from President Bush. You probably farted and dare not admit it. Had you said Vice President Cheney was the Devil, I maybe would have believed you. Bush is Boy Blunder, stupid and the worst person for the job, but not in the class of being the Devil, compared to many from around the world you met with in Cuba.

So in conclusion gentlemen, do not confuse criticism and the freedom to criticize our elected leaders as a sign of dissent and weakness. We may want them out at the next election, or by Impeachment by a democratically elected body, but unlike your countries the Secret Police will not be beating up businessmen, chopping off hands, running Death Squads and making life hell for their populations, in your interpretation of the words of the Prophet. For in the event of a direct confrontation even critics like myself would gladly press the button to send a hail of nuclear tipped Tomahawks raining down on our enemies. I may call George an idiot for wanting to do it, but that is the Freedom none of you dare offer to people in your own country. If you want to attack us, and at the same time dream of living back in the Medieval Ages, rest assured that all of us will join together in Unison and send you there!


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