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Washington, DC Sep. 21st, 2006 ---- I have been running War Games for over thirty years, and participating in real ones for even longer. Never have I been so confused as to:

1. Who is really behind the "Terrorists" ? and

2. What the hell is the US doing?

The whole planning, logistics, and financing from 9/11 to the performance and tactics of Hezbollah, and the antics of Iran, and Venezuela makes one wonder who is pulling the strings. We know Bin Laden had help from some state or other, some say Saudi Arabia, others Israel. Maybe?

But when you get to the Lebanese conflict there is no doubt that these irregular bands of Islamic extremists didn't monitor agile digital Israeli communications nets, nor crack their codes and ciphers, or develop RPG rounds that can penetrate and destroy Depleted Uranium clad tanks. The more you look the more you believe it could only be Russia, or China. The US is pulling the strings with Israel, so why not either, or both pulling the strings with Hezbollah. It's global conflict by Proxy.

The other side of the coin is the total political and military ineptitude of the United States in running the self proclaimed "War on Terror". Have we copied the French during World War I and up to the German invasion, by having totally inept and obliging military leaders who couldn't run a Boy Scout Jamboree let alone a prolonged war. The junior officers and fighting troops are doing fine, but what are the idiots running the show up to? Ambassador Paul Bremmer has provided War Gamers enough material on how to screw up the rebuilding of a nation to last for years. The corrupt, amateur and unqualified political appointees sent to keep the Iraqi population from sliding into chaos and civil war have totally screwed up the process, and made themselves very wealthy in the process.

It's not the military tactics and military execution of the invasion that is at fault. It's the global geopolitical scenario that stinks. Something is very wrong!

There are too many well thought out agendas intersecting for my comfort, and each player believes he is so smart that he is fooling everyone else. After a few scenarios you beging to wonder who is playing the game, and who is just acting as the Proxy, placing the bets, and making the moves. Here is Wahington DC there is a dangerous feeling of superiority and invincibility. My Grandmother used to tell me similar tales of Britain before Word War I. I remember reading the faded old books extolling the power of the Empire"On which the Sun Never Sets". There was a wonderful book about the mighty Dreadnoughts, and in 1914 the Royal Navy had nineteen with another thirteen on the way. Power invincible on the high seas, like the Aircraft Carriers of the last 20 years. The Royal Navy entered World War II believing Dreadnoughts were still invincible and when U-47 destroyed the Royal Oak in Scapa Flow the smiles quickly went away. When the Hood, Prince of Wales, Repulse and Barham went to the bottom of the sea, it prompted a total rethink of attitude to heavy armor and mega fighting machines.

Today we see the old men in the form of Cheney and Rumsfeld still believing in the might of the great battle cruisers, against a distributed, mobile, amorphous enemy with enough firepower to neutralize even the biggest weapons in the arsenal. Even nuclear weapons. For if the US dropped hundreds of nuclear weapons on Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, even Chna and Russia, there would still be millions of Islamic fanatics heading to kill surviving Americas emerging from their bunkers.

You can pour Gasoline on a Fire Ants Nest and totally anihilate the colony, but the rest will keep on stinging you till you die, even though they have nowhere to return to except a smouldering ruin.

There is clearly a wider geopolitical war game underway, and I would ask that the focus on the Middle East and the needs of Israel be widened to look at the global geopolitical scenario. And fire Rumsfeld and replace him and Cheney with brighter, younger men who can understand the modern world, and the thinking of their leaders. Sorry Rummy, Jimmy Doolittle won't be there to bomb Tehran, so stop trying to call his old number in your Roladex.

Consider someone is baiting an even bigger trap than Iraq! But who?


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