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Cluster Bombs - Israel's Terror Weapons

Washington, DC Aug 26th, 2006 ---- The news couldn't be worse for the United States, their Poor Little Israel has used illegal cluster bombs against civilians across Lebanon, and up to 25,000 are lying around ready to explode if touched by any innocent child. These cluster bombs, supplied mostly by the United States will quietly sit there, popping up and maiming and killing Aid Workers, refugees and of course inquisitive children. They will also prove a compelling reason for any country which values the lives of their military from not joining the multi-national UN force.

No argument is valid by President Bush that someone else should go into the demolished houses and apartment buildings of Lebanon and clean up the deadly mess left by the United States and Israel. Firing rockets and guns against Hezbollah rocket launchers targeting Israel is one thing, using banned terror weapons against children and civilians is an entirely different cowardly form of State Sponsored Terrorism which must be punished by the United Nations. There is absolutely no difference between spreading thousands of undetectable cluster bombs in residential areas, schools and hospital grounds, and Saddam Hussein using chemical weapons against villages in Iraq.

These images will be with us for months, maybe years to come. The estimated 25,000 unexploded bombs amounts to calculated Genocide, and not a calculated surgical attack to root out Hezbollah. Bush will compound his negative global image by siding with Israel, and blaming Hezbollah. In the meantime tens of thousands of young people will swing from loving America to joining the swelled ranks of those seeking to kill Americans and destroy America and Israel.

What were the arrogant IDF Commanders thinking of? They have conducted an ethnic cleansing operation to deny the population reentry to their homes. These are not the actions of a brave warrior, such as Moshe Dyan, but of sneaky cowards targeting young children. Today the people of Israel should be hanging their heads in shame at the depths their military has sunk since the days of their founders. The military war criminals demand that they should be allowed to use any weapon in there inventory to fight these bands of terrorists. Does this include poison gas and nuclear weapons?

The world must stop Iran making nuclear weapons, and now must stop Israel obtaining submarines capable of firing US nuclear weapons. The IDF have proved themselves incapable of humanity and thinking of anything except their bruised pride.

What concerns me is how much more will it take to tip the balance and turn the whole world against the United States. I have absolutely no confidence in the Bush Administration to do anything but drive the Lemmings over the precipice.

I do applaud the IDF Conscripts and reservists who demanded an inquiry into the war. I would expect nothing less in a civilized society. Let's hope the US holds it's own hearings, but I do not hold out too much hope. AIPAC is already calling in favors and spreading bribes and threats thick and fast.

Let's hope the UN clusters together and punishes Israel. Again Bush will push down the US credibility rating even further and order a veto of any criticism in the Security Council.

What were the IDF thinking!!!! The Arab TV Networks could not have wished for better made-for-TV footage as one child after another gets legs and arms blown off.

This choice of weapon can't be blamed on Hezbollah. It's genocide and State Sponsored Terror!



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