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Corporate "Political Intelligence" War Games

Washington, DC Aug 24th, 2006 ---- The impact of Washington politicians on major corporations can be profound, and are seldom understood by managers of companies large and small. The impacts can be clearly seen in Political Intelligence War Games which can be extremely useful for large corporations, or a group of smaller corporations at user conferences, or trade conferences.

The potential for bad political decisions and global chaos has never been higher, and in the final two years of the Bush Administration watch for ideological stupidity to force global scenarios which would never occur in earlier, rational and diplomatically savvy administrations. Harsh words, but the track record and mess around the globe does not warrant glowing praise for this Administration.

Companies can ignore these trends, or they can run the scenarios in a War Game and predict how they would react. If a number of companies with like minded goals can participate together then the overall impact on the marketplace can be worked through. These War Games are ideal when a group of geographically diverse, yet interlinked through business address the scenario together. Most US Managers underestimate the impact of global politics on their supply lines, as well as their key markets.

In thirty years of running these War Games I find it isn't always the major catastrophes that cause most disruption, for these are usually addressed at an early stage in a managers career. The key to running these exercises is to find the small incident which quickly becomes a disaster. Disaster are not single incidents, but a chain of isolated events which come together in a catastrophic event we like to call a disaster.

In the field of Political Intelligence we can infuse the character traits of key politicians into the equation to show how they influence the decision process. That shatters the illusion of most managers that governments make decision of facts and logic. The response to these decisions around the world become the headaches managers have to face. These personal traits are hidden from the vast majority by legions of Spin Doctors, Lobbyists, Publicists and the Karl Rove's and James Carville's of this world.

For Political Intelligence has to be neutral to be effective in the global arena. The known positive and negative traits have to be applied to all politicians no matter how much a "Nice Guy" you find them on the Washington Social Circuit.

But it is not just the interface and interplay between DC politicians that matter, their external relationships with other key players need to be incorporated, as does their reaction to natural events outside of their control. A classic case study here is President G.W.Bush playing power politics with the Louisiana Governor and delaying aid to Hurricane Katrina victims. Compare Louisiana and Mississippi under former RNC Chairman Haley Barbour.

As sales is an emotive choice, as opposed to a logical one, it is important to corporations that the political foundation is known before they begin building. Many corporations, especially in the global arena have found politicians can be their biggest asset, or their worst enemy.

At a lower level of intensity the relationships and thinking of regulatory bodies can also have far reaching effects on corporate success or failure. The effects of Lobbyists are far greater than most businessmen appreciate, and bribery is a way of life in DC.

So keep an eye on Washington, and incorporate one of our War Games in your conference.



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