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Political Intelligence, US Industry and Attacking Iran

Washington, DC Aug. 19th, 2006 -- US Companies often ask "What's the use of Political Intelligence to industry?" The answer could come in the months ahead, unless Congress starts doing it's duty, or both Houses go firmly Democrat and act as a check and balance on the Bush Administration.

The air of desperation is creeping through the ultra-right wing evangelicals, or Neo-Cons, who see the sands of time slipping away. They crave for an attack on Iran, regardless of consequences for the spectra of Iran with a nuclear weapon is just too much to bear. They had the same arguments when the Soviet Union got the Atomic Bomb, and later the Hydrogen Bomb. Peter Sellers played a brilliant Neo-Con Dr. Strangelove.

The problem is that Bush really doesn't care about American Industry, and certainly not about the rest of the world. He will order bombing Tehran on the last day of his Presidency, just to spite the next Administration, especially if it is Democratic.

Industry needs to look closely at what the religious zealots can start in the next two years, especially in Washington and Tel Aviv, and had better have contingency plans for survival, and have good eyes and ears in Washington. Get ready for Oil at over $100 a barrel for the stupidity of Bush Administration is moving that way.

But wait! Aren't the key players in Bush's group all Oil men, and won't they all stand to make millions, even billions if the price of Oil goes sky high and becomes a desperately scarce resource. Dammed right they will and they believe the American voters are too stupid to notice. Won't all the stock holdings of "Dr. Evil" Cheney be worth billions? Come to think of it won't they have started a worldwide Depression then be able to sit back on their huge Estates and watch their War profits grow by leaps and bounds.

We have forgotten New Orleans, for Fox News, and CNN don't show the plight of working America a year after Hurricane Katrina, nor the crumbling bridges, roads, closed factories and mills. That is a case study in reality. You don't get rich by looking after your own people. You get rich by destroying someone elses's and supplying the tools of war.

In the Pentagon Rumsfeld's Political Dreamers see mighty waves of US troops and tanks sweeping across Iran, passing bombed out cities and towns, decimated in the Shock and Awe Air Armada. They see lines of flag waving Shia throwing Rose petals onto shining new tanks, straight off the wartime production lines. They see American Generals riding in their gleaming polished Hummers, clutching their autographed copy of the Bible. Autographed by Pat Robertson no less, with a forward by Jerry Falwell. Throughout Iraq they see millions of Iraqis marching through Baghdad demanding that the beloved American troops stay, and share with them their prosperity and Oil. "I love the smell of napalm in the morning!!"

By the same scenario American industry is struggling to keep afloat, airlines are going bankrupt every day, tourism is at the same level it was during the American War of Independence and China has decided to sell direct to the world, not recognize American Intellectual Property Rights and told the US to get out of the Far East, or else. People talk of the Halcyon days when Oil was $100 a barrel before Iran destroyed the installations around the Persian Gulf, renamed "Freedom Gulf" by President Bush. The US is on the point of Civil War as the choice is using Corn and Soya Beans to make Ethanol for the military, or bread for the starving masses. As the military will pay $1000 a ton for corn the multi-billionaires who control the farms do the patriotic thing and sell the entire crop to the military. They suggest all Hispanics go back home to ease the food crisis.

Tongue in cheek in 2006, but within the realms of possibility if the US moves against Iran, with the military machine available today.

When you play Corporate Intelligence War Games it's amazing how quickly this scenario can become real, and how small the margin of error is between a booming US economy, and Soup Kitchens. The corporate executives who have lived through these games fully realize the benefits to the survival and success of their companies through an effective corporate intelligence operation, including political intelligence. Most though look forward to watching Monday Night Football. Go Cowboys, Go!!

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