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Hezbollah Pulls Off Media Coup

Washington, DC Aug. 18th, 2006 ---- In what will surely go down in history as the greatest media coup for the Hearts and Minds of TV Audiences, Hezbollah have pulled off a master stroke. Amid the ruins of a totally meaningless and unproductive mass bombing campaign by Israel, the "Warriors turned Aid Workers" are seen handing out $10,000 to Lebanese civilians whose homes have been blasted apart by the American bombs, dropped from American jets given to Israel.

What a brilliant media coup!

Nothing, no nothing the US multi million dollar media machine can do will ever erase, or influence those images from the minds of Muslims, and anti-israeli supporters around the world. In response Bush blustered through a News conference, stuck his nose in the air when asked a question, and rattled out some absolute rubbish about "It's all Hezbollah's fault, they caused the bombing".

Consider this. The Bush Administration still haven't paid many in New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina, and Bush supporters have spent millions fighting lawsuits to deny the working people compensation. The fancy foot work by Big US Insurance Companies to avoid paying out compensation, saying it was water damage not wind damage and therefore keeping their huge profits, sharply contrasts with the Hezbollah image of wads of money being distributed hours after the ceasefire.

Hezbollah had paid out hundreds, if not thousands of claims for homeless Lebanese in less time than it took for Bush to get round to sending in the incompetent FEMA to New Orleans!

The best the failed Bush Administration can do is pay the Lincoln Group, the Washington DC media start-up a hundred million to seed the media with fake stories, and have Karen Hughes demand a better understanding, or else!

What would be an even more brilliant coup if Hezbollah now reached out to Israel, and dropped the demand that Israel be destroyed. Probably won't happen, but what a Check--Mate move against the United States by Iran. I am hoping though that Israel quickly realizes that it's future lies in the will of it's neighbors, and Uncle Sam, thousands of miles away can't do diddly against incoming rockets, or suicide bombers. Again I firmly believe the Arabs need Israel, and Israel can't survive for long without it's Arab neighbors as tolerant, if not friends. Friends would be better, maybe in a couple of generations.

The next few months will be critical for the future, if not survival of Israel. Hezbollah have gained a victory far beyond their wildest dreams, from a military defeat that looked like their destruction. Hezbollah could metamorphisize into a political force, and a key player. If they drop their "Destroy Israel" slogan there is nothing to stop them. Bush can't make totally unproductive gestures like he did with Hamas, and cut off their financial lifeline. Bush is powerless against Hezbollah.

Hezbollah could now decide that the belligerent stance of Israel, in particular the extremists such as "NuttyYahoo" means they have nothing to look forward to but further conflicts and they had better spread through Jordan, and into Egypt. Consider the damage from WWII surplus Katushka Rockets raining down on Israeli cities from all sides. It is certainly within the capability of Hezbollah sooner than many Analysts would dare us believe. Doesn't matter if they hit anything, they are cheap, easily concealed and were regarded as a Terror Weapon when they rained down on the Germans sixty years ago.

The symbolism of Soviet rockets designed to defeat the mighty German Army, with their invincible Panzers has not been lost on many of the former Soviet countries. Again this reinforces the media message of Hezbollah. The peasant army of Moscow up against the superior technological might of an invading army, which bombed their cities and destroyed their infrastructure. Made for TV!

It's time for America to waken up and realize the whole mess is getting worse, and will soon be completely out of control unless there is "thinking outside the box", which neither Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld nor their valet Blair can do. The threat of Hezbollah to Israel has to be removed, but not by military means. The massive damage to Lebanon has to be compensated by Israel and the United States, no matter how painful an experience.

The alternative is a monster that will have no bounds, boundaries or constraints. And don't even think of assassinating Sheik Hassan Nasrallah the leader of Hezbollah. For his death would create a headless organism that can't be defeated, nor negotiated with, that has direction, goal and driving force without any form of driver to apply the brakes.

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