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Israel Wins the Battles, Hezbollah Wins the War.

Washington, DC Aug 15th, 2006 ---- Before the world rejoices at the Cease Fire in Lebanon look at what comes next. Iran and Syria, together with Hezbollah are the heroes of the Middle East. The Islamic world has a success story in their fight against the Mighty Satan. They have stopped the mighty IDF rolling over an Arab Army for the first time. The Egyptians failed, so did Jordan, and so did Syria.

Only Hezbollah stood and fought back for over a long grueling month, until the American dominated United Nations sued for peace. Didn't quite happen like that, and if the Israeli Generals had been given a green light to mount a coordinated attack instead of a Herman Goering Blitzkrieg then the outcome would probably have been different.

The mighty and invincible Israeli Army, with the world's most advances tanks and munitions today is seen walking in rag-tag groups back to their borders. One has to say that the Jewish controlled media in America did their friend and ally no favors with the pictures of conscripts walking home, over dusty roads. The mighty multi-million dollar tanks blazing after being attacked by guerilla fighters with hundred dollar hand fired anti-tank weapons spoke volumes about defeat. Hezbollah claimed to have knocked out 21 of these super-tanks. The constant barrage of thousands of Stalin era rockets raining down on Israeli cities has sent a frightened and disillusioned Israeli population into bomb shelters. Throughout the world billions of people are smiling, happy at an arrogant Israel getting a bloody nose. Israel hit Hezbollah hard, and the innocent Lebanese people harder.

Today both the people of Israel, and the people of Lebanon should feel disgust and anger at being used as pawns in a larger political game by the NeoCons in Washington. It all looks a lot like American political interference that ended Vietnam. Acting on impulse without fully understanding the risks, outcome and implications. Cheney and Rumsfeld again! This time the world has a comic babbling blunder to laugh at as well, President George. W. Bush.

The world should worry about the future for once hostilities end and Hezbollah comes out of their long prepared bunkers they will begin handing out food and water, arranging shelter, and creating jobs through work programs. They will quickly gain the hearts and minds of the population, and hundreds of thousands of eager young recruits. The hollow words of President Bush will promise aid, and American media will show a couple of aircraft filled with supplies, but like Hurricane Katrina it will be all for show, with no real action. The mighty Commander in Chief can order Shock and Awe but he has to beg Congress for money, they don't have, to send relief to New Orleans, or Beirut. Hezbollah are already handing out bread and supplies, as well as pushing cars across rivers besides bridges bombed by Israel with American munitions.

These image will play nightly over the entire Middle East and around the world. The comedy act Bush and Blair will posture, threaten, trip over their words and blow kisses to each other. This image is not good for the long term security of our oil supplies.

Driven by American Jews, Israel became arrogant beyond belief. They irritated the majority of the world. They lied about nuclear weapons, and massacre after massacre. These thoughtless days will now come back to haunt them, for the NeoCons have only two years left in office, and as many Israeli's believe America will drop them in a heartbeat if the Oil supply is threatened. Today Israel is South Vietnam, supplied with all the military hardware it wants.

Bush will demand Hezbollah disarm in Lebanon, or Nepal if he mixes his words. But they have completed their military task in Lebanon, and now will move on to the next target, Jordan, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia. Wherever they land after slipping out of Lebanon, they will be greeted as heroes, the ones who stood up to the invincible Israeli Army and restored Arab honor after their defeats in every other war with Israel and America.

Israeli tanks, far better than the American tanks they used as a prototype, can be knocked out by Hezbollah fighters. The symbols of might in Iraq are now vulnerable to the same easily concealed weapons. Every young fighter has the Islamic version of Rambo to dream about becoming one day.

Washington has a new dilemma, and will react with predictable insensitivity.

China and Russia will not tolerate the United States anywhere near Iranian Oil fields, and Iran knows that. The US military, ill equipped to fight a long war in desert surroundings, can't take on any more. The world will condemn Iran over it's nuclear program but will not, dare not, rock the proverbial oil boat.

The only thing left for Bush and Blair to do is scare the public with a "Made for TV" terrorist scare. Problem is the British now realized the Americans were very premature in their demand to arrest the usual suspects. Maybe by election day the whole charade will blow up in their faces as the suspects are released for lack of any evidence.

Iran snubbing the UN. Civil War in Iraq. Angry resentment in Lebanon. Something in Saudi Arabia. Pakistan anti-American riots. That is the Perfect Storm developing ! Be afraid, be very afraid.

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