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The Alleged Plot to Attack Airliners

Washington, DC Aug. 10th, 2006 ---- I'm very grateful to the British Government for the foiling of the plot to blow up transatlantic airliners, and I sincerely hope it is for real, and not a fabrication to help Bush and Israel. Frankly I have very little confidence in UK Counter Intelligence operations, and the list of false accusations, planted evidence and trigger happy raids makes one very skeptical of anything they claim. I hope I am wrong.

The group arrested could be a suburban Al Qaeda cell, or they could be another explanation, which few in Whitehall dare consider, that this group is just a collection of ordinary people bragging about fighting the injustices they perceive. They are ordinary suburban people living ordinary lives in a stable society that respects their beliefs, and offers them every accommodation, from housing to healthcare. They do not fit the mould of embittered youth hell bent on revenge for military actions against them by America or Israel. They could have course have wanted to go through with their plot.

If this is the case we have a growing Timothy McVeigh scenario to add to the problems of the UK. Consider that if they had wanted to blow up one, two, three or even five aircraft they probably would have succeeded, but the sheer size of their alleged plot makes discovery almost a certainty. I say alleged for we have seen far too much planted evidence justifying Bush's extravagant "War on Terror", and the track record of the UK police planting evidence against groups such as the IRA as in the Birmingham Pub Bombings is legendary.

The vast majority of people in Britain now hope America gets a bloody nose, sooner than later, so these could just have been local dissidents dreaming up plots. If they are real then we should consider them far more dangerous than just being obedient followers of Al Qaeda, and realize we must solve the root cause for the extremist cancer is growing.

It is cause for concern though that these alleged plotters were living comfortable lives in England, and not struggling in the bombed out ruins of their homeland. This points to a reassessment being needed of the policies of both Britain and America. How many like minded groups are there across America, and for that matter across Europe. Bush immediately went on television and claimed all the credit, expecting the public to validate his claims of success in the War on Terror. This, weeks before the crucial election makes me very suspicious.

But if the group were acting for Al Qaeda they have won a substantial victory. For they have disrupted the life and business of America and Britain. With Airlines demanding domestic passengers arrive up to four hours before their flight these "Plotters" have struck an almighty economic blow. The cost on business efficiency will soon spiral into the billions. The cost of loss of confidence and stress level of traveling passengers just can't be measured.

It certainly has taken the spotlight off Israel and the failure of Bush and Blair to get agreement in the United Nations. The timing of the raids was no doubt synchronized to achieve maximum political capital. But again it does not ring true considering the extent of surveillance in the UK and on the transatlantic routes. Remember the original plot was from the Philippines, and that failed. Why move on to the hardest part of the global route network to try again.

If it is genuine then all deserve the highest praise. If it is another plant, and those arrested get pardoned, and compensated as we saw in the Birmingham Pub Bombings then we need a major cleansing operation in the UK and US law enforcement.

But for the time being we need to look closely at the group, what made them come together, and why they wanted to take such devastating action against their own neighbors, who welcomed them to their country and gave them all their support. British families and their kids going to Disney World didn't do anything to warrant such a scheme.

Again if this is genuine, Well Done!


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