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Kiss Joey Goodbye George

Washington, DC Aug 10th, 2006 ---- I must admit being appalled at Bush slobbering kisses over Joe Lieberman to thank him for his support. Likewise it doesn't look professional to call the Secretary of State "Condy" when speaking about Ethnic Cleansing in Lebanon.

The firing of the long time, and high profile incumbent Senator in the primary should send shockwaves around Congress. Worse still it wasn't a rabid right wing Republican Senator that got the boot, but a wishy-washy liberal Democrat. Joe Lieberman has become the embodiment of everything that is wrong with the Democratic party and the Bush Administration. I don't agree with the far left concept of immediately pulling all troops out of Iraq, that decision should have been made in the debate about going to war. Powell hit the nail on the head when he said "You break it, it's yours!"

The bundling Bush Administration did break it, and now want to walk away through the "Vietnamization of Iraq". The bleeding heart Liberals want to just walk away. Well there is no way either can be accomplished, unless there are massive new finds of Petroleum off the coast of Florida, or in the Chesapeake Bay. Much of the blame for the mess must be placed firmly at the feet of the Congress. They didn't do their job when they should have been questioning the Administration. Instead they were led down the Garden Path by a handful of Republican Fascists. (It's interesting that the Karl Rove Spin Department has got Bush using Islamic Fascists every few minutes, to prevent the term rightly being used to describe him and his friends. )

The other casualty Cynthia McKinney is being punished for bad attitude and bad behavior. True the right wing want her out, but she is her own worst enemy. Bush didn't give her a slobbering kiss.

President Clinton was pulled through the media wringer because he got carried away with a consenting, some would say eager, twenty something in the Oval Office. Even when lying to the cameras he maintained a dignity of the office. Same for Richard Nixon. Seems that any dignity that the Presidency had has evaporated under Bush. Without dignity there can be no respect.

All Democrats need to attend a briefing on "Sleeping with the Enemy", or in Joey's case kissing the President. A hug is American, pecks on the shoulders very Mediterranean, but full slobbering kisses are too South Beach for voters feeling betrayed. The office on the Hill is temporary, and only granted to those willing to further the Will of the People back Home. It isn't a God given right, nor is it exclusive. Anybody can do the job.

I hope the shockwaves reverberate long and hard, and the lessons get driven home by the advisers. Maybe someone will explain to George that he has to appear Presidential for people to have respect for him. That means no kissing, walking as if you have wet your pants, and giving all those ad libs for the bloggers bloopers sites. Serious press conferences need a little preparation occasionally to stop looking downright foolish.

Maybe we will see a new Renaissance in dignity and posture in Washington. But don't hold your breath.




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