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Israel and Annexing South Lebanon

Washington, DC Aug 9th, 2006 ---- I sincerely hope that Israel backs off from their aggression and supports the Lebanese Army filling the void and neutralizing Hezbollah. We will see if their concerns and statements are genuine, or if it's all a Zionist plan to move the Israeli border to the Litani River.

If the plot is to develop a Greater Israel then we have trouble ahead. The American public don't appreciate the long term implications of their government condoning the annexation of a sovereign country to satisfy their demand for more room. The Europeans do, for Adolf Hitler started that way, claiming the right to defend Germans by annexing Sudetenland. Neville Chamberlain whimpered excuses for Hitler, today George Bush actively encouraged Israel to expand it's borders.

I could be wrong, and Israel could pull out all their invading troops, and I hope I am wrong, for Bush hasn't the first clue of the road he is marching America down if it turns out Israel expects to occupy the southern, ethnically cleansed region.

It is impossible to win a war against terrorism. You can create a climate so the terrorists go home and live normal lives, but there is a break point where the world turns to terrorism as the only means to seek justice. The Americans did against the British in the 1700's, and the Israelis turned terrorism into an art form against the British in Palestine.

Today the world has no other option but to halt the spread of the Israeli land-grab, and the annexation of South Lebanon. They may abhore the missile attacks by Hezbollah, and rightly believe Israel should be allowed to survive and prosper. But this excuse to devastate a country, invade deep into their territory, whilst destroying towns and villages is a lot more. Again I hope I am proved wrong, but if I am right then we have seen the beginning of the end for Israel and peace in America.

Hezbollah and Hamas will spread like wildfire and become the cause for all disenfranchised young teenagers who see no hope because of the Mighty Satan. Instead of asking the opinion of retired Army and Air Force Generals, as if they had a neutral opinion, the news networks should ask the inner city Latinos and Blacks what they think. Many Latinos see themselves in the shoes of the Palestinians and now Lebanese. It won't be long before some media savvy Al Qaeda, or Hezbollah leader pulls all the underdogs together into a dangerous fighting pack.

I still can't understand how America and Israel didn't know tens of thousands of rockets and rocket launchers were moving into place in South Lebanon. The only explanation is that they did, and they started planning the Annexation knowing full well there would be Israeli deaths. If this is ever found to be true, then it is a horrible callous action by extremists. One day we will know the truth, but only after the Bush Lawyers have sanitized the records and classified them Top Secret. We look to a Democratic President to undo all these actions.

American power is declining in the Middle East, and sadly there will be a time when it will be ineffective. Then the "Axis of Evil" will really be seen. Sadly Bush is building up this axis to be a force to be reckoned with. He has swept away the trust and respect of 230 years of blood, sweat and toil of Americans around the world. It is only a matter of time before we begin to see the backlash.

If Vietnamization of Iraq is the new Bush plan for getting out of the mess he has created, then the glimmer of hope for a new democracy will fade for ever. Destroying anyone who challenges Israel is all well and good in the short term, but the huge militarized State of Israel is unsustainable in the long term. I have traveled through Israel and the hard working citizens have created wonders of agriculture and technology from desert wastelands. The Arabs need them, and they need the Arabs. They should not be seduced by Bush, who will drop Israel in a heartbeat if it suits his Oil Buddies.

Israel should rethink it's policy. Following "Dr Evil" Cheney and "Dr Death" Rumsfeld over the Abyss isn't the way to go. Encouraging Israel to be the hit man for two old men, shortly to be out of office is not a worthy legacy to leave to the millions of young Israelis tasked with picking up the pieces.


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