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Hezbollah Wins New War, Israel the Old

Washington, DC July 31st, 2006 ---- The sad fact about the wanton destruction around the Lebanon/Israel border is that the result will not please anyone. Israel will have spent it's little remaining political capital on achieving what? Hezbollah will return, in greater numbers, and pose an even bigger threat to Israel because of their inhuman bombing attacks on innocent civilians

The Israeli actions were the dying embers of the old school warfare, nation against nation. They have ignored the elected Lebanese government and destroyed the country, as the politicians just watched. Bush has become the poster boy of Hezbollah, and his idiotic appearances before the cameras sent tens of thousands, possibly millions into the arms of Islamic extremists, not just in the Middle East but across Europe and America.

Both Israel and Hezbollah miscalculated, but for Hezbollah it does not matter. They don't have national boundaries, or a frightened civilian population who will be there next election day. Hezbollah could quietly retreat to Iran, or even go to Disney World on vacation, it doesn't matter, for their presence will always be there in Lebanon, in the minds of the tens of thousands whose homes and businesses were bombed into rubble by an out of control mindless military. Hezbollah provided the neighborhood medical facilities, and schools. Israel has denied medical treatment and education to Palestinians, and bombed the Lebanese schools and hospitals into dust. Which one will the next generation remember, the Hezbollah nurses and schoolteachers, or the Israeli military conscripts beating and bombing them.

It's not a matter of being anti-Israel, it's simple reality. The rapidity that the Zionist propaganda organizations throw around the Anti-Semetic label has meant few dare caution Israel, or suggest they are on the wrong course. Only fanatical religious zealots are allowed to speak, and only in glowing praise of Israel. CNN's Wolf Blitzer being singled out as typical of media zealots.

Bush talks a big game about Democracy in the Middle East. Yet when a country elects a party he doesn't like he goes Ape. (Well more Ape than usual.) Some would argue that the United States desperately needs a Regime Change, and that the elections should be held again, to save the Union. But the fact is the electorate were duped, and the appointed President came back for four years elected. The Lebanese elected many from Hezbollah, because they gave them education, medical care, security and hope. Same with Hamas in the Palestine areas. Israel gave them grief! America supplied Israel with the tools, and the will to give them grief!

Now I don't expect Bush to understand that concept, after all he is the dumbest leader in the western world, but surely someone could draw him a picture. Same with Israel.

Cutting off aid to the Palestinians, in a temper tantrum because they elected the people who were seeing to their basic needs was a really smart move on the part of Israel and the US. Bombing the crap out of Lebanon because some political group says the want to destroy Israel, is equally insane.

Hezbollah cannot be defeated by military force! Repeat , Hezbollah cannot be defeated by military force!

Why? Because it has no defined parameters, no borders, no structure, no constitution, and no national boundaries to be lost in battle. If Israel killed 1000 Hezbollah fighters have they won? Or do they need to kill10,000? What about the 100,000 new recruits after the graphic images of the slaughter of innocent women and young children seeking shelter, or fleeing the bombardment? Are they Hezbollah, or Enemy Non-Combatants? When do they become Combatants?

What if the carnage convinces the Sunni and Shia to join forces in Iraq and fight Israel and the United States, instead of each other. Was the idiotic unleashing of major destruction warranted because two stupid conscripts allowed themselves to be captured by a band of guerilla fighters?

The political name calling by the US of Kofi Annan has made his position too weak to have any effect on the spiraling conflict. The idiot Bush is no leader, and Ms. Rice has an impossible job. Tony Blair is too busy blowing kisses to Bush to be anything but a tabloid side show, and the rest have economic horses in the race.

It's depressing, and even more depressing is that the poor judgment of a hot-headed conscript officer of the Israeli Army, or Air Force could be the single act of stupidity that brings Syria and Iran into the conflict. They need not send troops, just Chinese missiles to turn this into the Perfect Storm that destroys the Middle East, and the world economy. Leaving Russia and China to pick up the pieces!

This isn't your fathers old kind of war, it's a new form with no boundaries. Pity we don't have a Congress to speak out for the US public, who are both funding this Israeli Charade, and have the most to lose when it all goes wrong. It's a mess!

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