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Lebanon - The Perfect Storm

Washington, DC July 28th, 2006 ---- The scenario being played out Middle East could turn out to be The Perfect Storm for Israel and the United States. The elasticity of tolerance to unwarranted aggression is an unknown metric, and many believe we are reaching the limits of tolerance of Israel and the Bush Administration around the world. If the warning signs are ignored in Washington and Tel Aviv, then we will see devastation and destruction on a scale the American public just can't comprehend.

The "Spin" put on the aggression by Israel is currently fooling the sympathetic American public, thanks to Fox and Wolf Blitzer, late of Jerusalem Post and AIPAC on CNN. Now had Israel sent in Special Forces to grab back the two stupid soldiers who allowed themselves to be captured by Guerilla Fighters then the world would have applauded, and another movie would have been made by Steven Spielberg. But they didn't. In a campaign of merciless unmitigated aggression and terror they bombed and shelled innocent civilians destroying vast populated areas and wiping out entire neighborhoods. Then they did it again next day, and the day after, and the day after that.

The military stupidity seems just what the Hezbollah Martyrs wanted to unleash thousands of crude rockets against Israel. Now nobody is asking the question as to how Hezbollah managed to build up such a massive stockpile of rockets and launchers, and train so many crews to fire the rockets. What a massive Intelligence Failure on the part of Israel and the United States!

But the US has given Israel enough firepower to take out any rocket installation, but instead they chose to repeat the nazi attack scenario on the Warsaw Ghetto, instead of Nazis blasting away at Polish Jews, we had ex-Soviet Jews blasting away at Lebanese Christians and Muslims. Sorry folks there is not a nice way of putting the atrocities unleashed by Israel, helped and supplied by the Bush Administration.

The last really stupid act was to take out the UN observation post, a mirror of the destruction of the USS Liberty, also monitoring Israeli aggression in the 6 day war. But the deliberate attack on US Sailors and the sinking of the USS Liberty did stop monitoring their actions, as did the repeated bombing and shelling of the UN post, until they finally hit it.

Whatever are the military tacticians smoking in their bunkers? Lebanon was cooling and prosperity coming back. True Hezbollah rhetoric included the destruction of Israel, just as Sein Fein advocated the end of parts of the UK. Remember Gerry Adams in the limelight of a White House Fundraiser to promote a terrorist organization turned politicians. Hezbollah and Hamas were on the road to being ex-terrorist groups before the religious fanatics in Tel Aviv and Washington started sticking their bayonets into the equation. Most elder Israeli politicians of the last 50 years were wanted or convicted Terrorists, or does George Bush believe the King David Hotel was bombed by Al Qaeda.

But all that is past history. Israel has violated every code of decent conduct in repeatedly bombing and shelling Lebanon, following the US example in the old Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. The Muslims are seeing a pattern. Kiss the Ass of North Korea, because they can whip the US Army on the battlefield, and destroy major cities with their rockets and bombs, but mercilessly devastate defenseless Islamic civilian populations in the self styled Fight Against Terrorism.

As long as it is Nation State against Nation State the military will continue with impunity. But if global populations come together in a common cause, and that metaphorical elastic band snaps, then all the Nuclear Weapons stockpiled for Israel and the United States will be useless, for the sheer scope of a global wave of anti-American and anti-Israeli sentiment, driven to action instead of just muttering, is too terrible to imagine. But do imagine the French student riots against everything American by billions of people. Once it starts, if it starts, the anger will grow exponentially.

I hope some World Leader, (sadly not Bush or Cheney), could convince both sides to stop now and diffuse the bomb before it explodes. For the Perfect Storm is predicted to sweep across Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, The Gulf States, Pakistan and who knows where after that. I don't see any realization of the serious nature of the scenario here in Washington. For just like Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans the Bush Administration is oblivious of reality, firmly believing they are invincible and protected by their God. Prayer is all well and good, but when billions pray for your destruction, and millions pray for their destruction, maybe the Supreme Being believes in democracy and grants them their wishes.

Peace or Global Religious War. Deal or No Deal!

What's "We really screwed up in 2006" in Chinese?

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